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  1. It could just be that a similar amount of movement did happen/is happening but it's just not being reflected on premed.
  2. To be honest, a master's degree won't really help you with Canadian medical schools with the exception of a few percent increase in your interview chances for certain schools. But you were already able to snatch an interview(s) so just do whatever you did this cycle. I think it might just be best to work over the year and just build on your knowledge of the healthcare system. From what I've seen, EC's matter very little for most Ontario schools, so my plan is to just work and read up on healthcare policy and current events. Hope that gives some insight. *EDIT: I also just graduated this year so I get that job hunting might be scary and uncertain. But we can do it!
  3. Agreed. Most of the second wave offers will probably go out tomorrow and maybe into Thursday
  4. According to some people posting on Queen's thread, people accepted in wave two for Mac have two weeks to accept their offer And, in that same thread, it seems that someone did end up getting an offer yesterday.
  5. The waitlist email says that they'll notify the next person on the waitlist as soon as a spot becomes available. My impression was that emails would roll out on a continuous basis, but maybe it's semi-continuous and they send them out in batches. If that's the case, they're probably going to hold off until tomorrow or Wednesday. Just speculation though. I don't know if anyone has gotten off today, but it's possible.
  6. If a game at all, I think we were playing our own mind game lol.
  7. Hmm, it seems that it's likely alphabetically arranged then. I have a friend who email timestamp was 7:54:30 and their last name begins with N, which is near the middle of the alphabet and the waitlist times.
  8. If you're able to, you can click the three dots somewhere on your email, then click "show original", and see when the email was originally created. Mine doesn't show me the timestamp either unless I do that, it only shows the delivered time. I don't know if the three dots exist on outlook, my school uses gmail. Anyway, yes my last name does end closer to the end of the alphabet, so that could be it too Either way, after scouring the forums more over the past few days, it seems very unlikely that the timestamps mean anything Let's just hope for the best. The emails may come out for a few lucky people this week, given that they've come out for a few 8 days later in past years. All the very best to you
  9. You shouldn't do that. They won't provide any feedback at all. I know it's tough, I've been there before. Keep your chin up and don't give up on this.
  10. Ah got it. Thanks for the quick response. Let's say it was true that the send times reflected your position on the waitlist. How would that account for the fact that there are three difference delivery times? Could you give me an example of how, theoretically, an earlier send time means you're higher up on the waitlist and how the three three different delivery times (7:53,54,55) play into this? Wishing you all the best in the coming weeks
  11. Makes sense to me. Thanks anelim. Do you think you could elaborate on the send times a bit more and why they are more likely (though still unlikely, I agree) to represent waitlist position than the delivery times?
  12. Do you guys think the time you recieved the waitlist email shows your position on the waitlist? I know there are people from 7:53-7:55am on the waitlist. Anyone before or after that was accepted or rejected. Or do you think it's just an alphabetical/randomized order thing? Wondering why everyone on the waitlist didn't just receive the email all at the same time?
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