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  1. I'm an OOP student who recently got accepted to Mac for this August. My GPA was a 3.83 and CARS a 129. Frankly, considering only about 55 OOP students are selected for interviews I must have absolutely killed my Casper, which I did feel really good about at the time. I wasn't sure about applications last year around this time and just went for it and it worked out so I think it's worth a shot.
  2. Can confirm. Got my offer email yesterday and nothing's updated on OMSAS yet for me.
  3. Just received the email offer off of the waitlist a few hours ago. I replied to the main thread with some more information. Good luck to everyone! I hope to see you in August!
  4. Result: Accepted off Waitlist (Hamilton) Timestamp: May 28 2:58pm (PST) cGPA: 3.83 CARS: 129 Interview: I felt really good about it. I thought I nailed 3-4 stations, bombed 2 stations, and felt comfortable with the rest Year: Completed B.Sc.; working full-time and volunteering since 2016 Geography: OOP
  5. I'd say this would be extremely unlikely. I've worked with post-secondary CRM's which I assume would operate similarly to what McMaster uses. Really they'd simply have their internal rankings but select all of the students who were offered, waitlisted or rejected and batch email them all at the same time. The delay in receiving the email would likely just be an artifact of 100+ emails going out in short succession.
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