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  1. Hey everyone, I am not sure if there is a thread for this somewhere, but I am assuming that there aren't any. Does anyone know if the MCAT this summer is cancelled, postponed, or moved online by any chance? I am in my second year currently and was thinking of writing it this summer. I can definitely wait till next summer to write it because I was planning on taking a gap year after my undergrad anyway, but I was still thinking of getting it over with. Does anyone know anything? Let me know, thanks.
  2. I believe U of C looks at best three years as well, and will drop your worst year if you graduated, and have completed all four years of undergrad. If you finish a masters program, they will calculate the best three years of undergrad and one year of the master's GPA, if I am not mistaken. If you graduate undergrad in three years, they will take the GPA of your best two years of undergrad. I got the information from their 2019-2020 medical school admissions manual, https://cumming.ucalgary.ca/sites/default/files/teams/4/Admissions/19_20applicant-manual_june28_2019final.pdf, page 35.
  3. Which medical schools only look at GPA of three years instead of all four? I am currently in second year, and I am planning on applying after my fourth year so I would be eligible for the wGPA for a couple of medical schools. I was mostly wondering if UBC, U of A, and U of C, look at wGPA or cGPA? For example, if my wGPA is around 3.97 for second, third, and fourth year combined by the time I graduate, which medical schools will look at that? If my GPA is 3.61 based on all four years, including first year, which medical schools will look at that? I am not planning on applying to any Ontario schools or Manitoba or Saskatchewan, only UBC, U of A, and U of C. Let me know, thanks.
  4. Okay I will, thanks. I am thinking of applying to UBC, U of A, and U of C, which all look at the best three years.
  5. Oh okay, thanks for letting me know. I am in my second year, and I have 5 courses at the year level, since I switched my major and dropped a course last semester. Do you know if this matters a lot? I can't take an additional course right now since the add date is over. In my third and fourth year, I will definitely make sure to take at least 6 courses at or above the given year level, but there is nothing I can do now. I am not counting my first year, and only applying with my second, third, and fourth year grades to be eligible for wGPA, but I do have 6 courses at the given year level for first year. Will I not be able to apply if I have 5 courses at the given year level for my second year only? Let me know, thanks.
  6. Do we need 3 of 5 full course equivalents at or above a given year level to be per semester or per year? I don't think I have three per semester for every semester since I took at least two electives every semester and most of them were below the year, like first year electives. Do you mind letting me know? Thanks.
  7. Hello, I was just wondering how much the new MCAT, and medical school in general, focus on biochemistry. My major is in Biochemistry, so I was wondering if that will help at all. Also, how much does medical school focus on biochemical components of the body? I am so used to knowing the full molecular processes of most things inside the body, and I get bored pretty easily when things don't go into a lot of detail. For example, I took human anatomy last year and absolutely loved it, however, after learning about so many biochemical processes in the body, I don't think I would like it that much now as it barely grazed the surface and definitely did not go into a lot of detail. Of course, it was still one of the coolest courses I have ever taken at university, and I have no idea if courses at medical school are like that at all, but I definitely prefer full on biochemistry and molecular biology courses. I think I was just wondering if the content of medicine is for me, or if I should just go onto research in science since I love biochemistry so much. I know there are definitely other reasons I would like to go on to medicine, but I was focusing on the overall content and curriculum of medicine. Let me know, thank you.
  8. Congratulations to all of you amazing people. U of C medical school is my dream school, and I can only wish to get in some day.
  9. People do that about most cultures, when something is in the news that applies to a specific group of people. When Ebola broke out, people of African descent were targeted, so unfortunately this was nothing unusual. I do not see why people should be racist against them, however, I can also see their point of view, since a person did bring it from China and people have this fear that others may be doing the same thing. It's sad that certain types of people constantly try and find anything they can to be racist to others. I don't think Canadians have a high risk of getting the virus anyway, and the part of China where the virus originated has been quarantined as well.
  10. That makes sense. I doubt the fatality rate would be that high, since any fatality rate is high if no one tries to get treatment for it. Is it a completely new virus? Are scientists trying to create vaccinations for it? Sorry I am trying to find any information about it. It is everywhere in the news, and yet I keep hearing that Canadians do not have a high risk of catching it. I just heard that the wife of the man in Ontario is presumed to have the coronavirus now, and that anyone who was sitting near them in the plane may have a risk as well.
  11. The virus apparently originated in China, and someone travelled from there and brought it to Ontario. There is no vaccines for this virus, as of yet. The section of China was put under quarantine, and no one can go in or out. What can people do in Canada to prepare for it, and what do doctors usually do for these cases, where there are no vaccines, and it could be lethal? I would just like some thoughts and opinions on this virus, or if anyone has any information. Since a person in Canada has it, I think it is safe to discuss and talk about it. People are saying to shut down all flights from China, and even Asia, as apparently this virus is contagious. Here is the link to the news: https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/canada-s-first-presumptive-positive-case-of-coronavirus-found-in-ontario-1.4783477. Sorry I have been living under a rock and just found out about the virus from the news article.
  12. Thank you, I needed the motivation.
  13. Thank you for your reply. I have found some study methods that I hope will be useful this semester. I have also lowered my EC workload a little bit, so I will have much more time to study. I will take a look at that post too.
  14. Thank you so much for replying and for your input. I guess I shouldn't let it affect me that much. I just had a bad first year, so I was truly counting on my second, third, and fourth years to bring my GPA up. I also have friends who got 90s on all of those courses which is why I was upset, but I guess it makes sense since they didn't do any other volunteering. I will cut down on my volunteering hours next year hopefully. I hope you get interviews to the schools you want.
  15. That is very assuring to know, thank you. I also hope it doesn't affect me as much.
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