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  1. otmac

    McMaster Roommates

    I'm looking for roommates too! Messaged you
  2. OTPT 2019 - thank you so much for the warm welcome and detailed reply! I'm so excited for this new adventure. Can I send you a message if more questions come up? Congratulations (in advance) on graduating, and best of luck on your next chapter!
  3. Thanks for offering your insights, OTPT2019! I accepted my Mac OT offer last night, and am feeling so grateful and excited. I have a few questions! What did your weekly schedule look like, throughout the terms in year 1? What hours did you have class/group projects? How much time did you/classmates have for jobs/hobbies/pets? I'll be moving to Hamilton from out of province. When do Sept-start rooms-for-rent usually get posted? What neighbourhoods should I consider? Will there be an official Facebook group made soon? :) That's all for now. Thank you in advance for your time and help!