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  1. Thanks everyone for all your help and input, I appreciate it. Just wondering, so there is 4 fieldwork placements in total correct?? Two in first year and two in second? Im praying if I do accept my offer, I hope I get into Kingston or GTA area or hopefully apply for out of catchment.
  2. Hey! Thanks for the information, I appreciate it! Just a question, where you placed in Kingston in your first year placement? Do you know if they have buses like go bus or other transportation for the far away areas like Peterborough, Cornwall etc I’m new to the city as I moved from Winnipeg and will even be more new to Kingston area and areas away from it so I don’t know anyone that can help. It would also be hard to travel alone if there are no public transportation but as you said hopefully classmates could help. Thanks for your help!
  3. Has anyone received a rejection email from McMaster OT after being waitlisted? I know that last day they would have sent interview invites for waitlists were in March but even then they haven’t sent anything after that, no update about rejections. I’m guessing the waitlist email was kind of a rejection?
  4. Ya it might be difficult to find a contract like that. There’s a few for 8 month contract not 12. But, even then our first placement is in winter, so just a few months after starting uni and moving etc. I wish they told us our placement options and so we know where we will be working before accepting the offer. I think we have like some options (although not the best): 1) driving to the placements 2) finding a place closer to the placement and renting for that period of time - which means double rent 3) maybe finding if they have Go transit or something available for all the catchment areas I’m seriously re-thinking this whole offer because of the problem I have with the fieldwork and it kind of hurts inside as this was my dream to do my masters
  5. Thanks for replying! Wow that’s what’s stressing me out and why I haven’t accepted it yet. It’s a bit difficult to rent in Queens on top of all the loans and then find a way for placements. I was thinking of the double rent too as my last option but it’s really hard to decide now. And even driving would be hard. What would you do if u were to get like far away placement like Cornwall? I looked at residence and there’s few buildings queen’s has contract with, it’s a bit pricy but safer area. I hope other students who went thru this or have suggestions can put in their feedback!
  6. Hi everyone! Congrats to everyone who got accepted this year! I had received an offer for Queens OT. However, reading more about the fieldwork placements, I haven’t yet accepted it. I was wondering if anyone could provide some information or help on this. I noticed that most placements are outside of Kingston, and we won’t be guaranteed one from our preference. I searched up some far away placements and I couldn’t even find transit/bus availability there. I was wondering if anyone knows more information on this, as I don’t have a car, and need to be prepared if I was to be placed to something further away. This is literally the only thing stopping me from accepting this offer, and I would really appreciate your help, as doing my masters is my dream and I don’t want something so small to stop me from doing it.
  7. Hey! Congrats on your offer! I’ve been offered admissions at queen’s but have not accepted it. If I do accept it, I will be looking for a roommate as well! Just wondering if anyone could help with this. I am not sure if I am overthinking this. But I looked at the four fieldwork placements at queen’s and the fact that if our preferred spots are not available they will place us in any catchment area (Cornwall, Peterborough etc) I am just wondering, I’ll be super new to that area as I moved from Winnipeg and now from Toronto to Queens. Does anyone know if there are transportation ways to get around the catchment places? I looked up the far away ones and looks like buses don’t even go there, and sadly I don’t have a car to help with that. I don’t want this to stop me from doing my masters, but I have to be prepared if they place me somewhere so far where I have no way to get to. I am just very worried about this, that’s why I haven’t accepted my offer and was wondering if someone has more information on the fieldwork areas, transportation and getting around. I would REALLY appreciate it. Thanks so much!!
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