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  1. 497 MCAT the first time. 508 the second time(129/124/125/130). Im from Alberta and will be applying to u of A and U of C. 3-Year GPA is 3.7 (BSc. chemistry) . ECs are a lot of advocacy for cultural diversity and increasing transportation in rural Alberta to provide more access to specialized healthcare for rural Albertans. Thanks for for your help
  2. I’ve written the MCAT twice. The first t3, my score was awful, something like 497 and the second time, my score improved to 508 ( 129 CP, 124 CARS, 125 BB, and 130 PS). My gpa is 3.67 and I’m applying in province to u of c (min is 3.2) and u of A (min 3.3 and 124 on all MCAT sections). My ECs are pretty good I think... lots of advocacy for access to health Clare in rural Alberta (for the elderly) and varied executive positions in clubs and student government.
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