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  1. 497 MCAT the first time. 508 the second time(129/124/125/130). Im from Alberta and will be applying to u of A and U of C. 3-Year GPA is 3.7 (BSc. chemistry) . ECs are a lot of advocacy for cultural diversity and increasing transportation in rural Alberta to provide more access to specialized healthcare for rural Albertans. Thanks for for your help
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    Should I rewrite the MCAT

    I’ve written the MCAT twice. The first t3, my score was awful, something like 497 and the second time, my score improved to 508 ( 129 CP, 124 CARS, 125 BB, and 130 PS). My gpa is 3.67 and I’m applying in province to u of c (min is 3.2) and u of A (min 3.3 and 124 on all MCAT sections). My ECs are pretty good I think... lots of advocacy for access to health Clare in rural Alberta (for the elderly) and varied executive positions in clubs and student government.