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  1. I found this super helpful during my application, especially when I was stressing out so I wanted to share my experience to help future applicants who are stressing. Applied : PT- Dal (NB resident) , U of T, McMaster, Queen's & Western OT- McMaster & Western Accepted: PT- Dal, Queen's & McMaster OT - McMaster Waitlisted: U of T & Western (upper 3rd) Rejected: Western OT GPA: c-gpa - 3.75 and s-gpa - 3.81 Experience: I volunteered as a student athletic therapist for the men's basketball team at my university for my 3rd & 4th year ~1,000 hrs total. I coached pickleball for adults 55+, taught sledge hockey & swimming to children of all abilities in my 4th year and have coached basketball for 5 years. This past year I worked at a rehabilitation centre as a rehab assistant for individuals with complex injuries who are on long term disability and are therefore unable to work atm. I accepted Queen's offer. *I want to state that taking a year or two between graduating and applying/going to a master's program is not the end of the world. I remember struggling with the decision to take a year in between because so many of my peers were going straight to graduate school and I felt like I would miss out by not going right away. However in my fourth year I felt overwhelmed with the thought of applying to grad schools on top of everything else I was doing and decided to take a year off from school after graduation. I ignored the people who said that once you take a year off, its hard to get back into school and listened to my gut feeling that I needed a break. This was hands down the best decision I could have made because looking back, I was definitely burning out and wasn't realizing it. Living at home and working for the year was a great decision because my life has been pretty stress free this past year aside from applying to schools and the real life skills I have gained from working as a rehab assistant helped me in the interviews because I was able to draw from real life experience to answer my questions. *Long story short: Working for a year after undergrad instead of going back to school is not the end of the world and may actually benefit you, financially, experience wise and help relieve some stress. ** For future Dal applicants reference: I received my interview e-mail on March 28th and acceptance came in the afternoon of May 16th ( the day before the Ontario schools announced theirs).
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