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  1. Reading the eligibility requirements for Quebec's Loans and Bursaries program, it says that: "If you are studying outside Québec, including in another province or in France and are enrolled in one of the following programs that are subject to quotas set by the Government of Québec or the Ministère, you are not eligible for the Loans and Bursaries Program: – Medicine (except University of Ottawa) – Police Technology Exceptionally, you can qualify for the Loans and Bursaries Program if you live in Québec and study medicine at the University of Ottawa" So would I just be unable to get any provincial or federal loans? Is there a way to apply for federal loans without provincial loans? The school's financial aid office also stipulates that you have to receive government aid to receive University bursaries - so am I just totally ineligible for anything?! Are there any Quebec residents here who have attended medical school in Ontario who can give some insights on how you dealt with this situation? I would love any advice, if there's anything I can try or any alternatives I can look into!
  2. Result: Accepted to Windsor from High Waitlist (declined in favour of McMaster) Timestamp: received call on May 30 2 yr GPA: 3.98 MCAT: 131/130/129/132 Interview: was my first med interview and it was terrible - I was internally cringing at everything I said. Finished the interview in 30 min, a full 15 min earlier than anyone else, thought it was for sure a reject. Geography: non-SWOMAN ECs: several long term commitments, many music-related ECs, work, student council, community leadership. Nothing amazing, but I'm proud of my aABS and think I was able to highlight my values and my contributions. They also helped for interview questions for sure.
  3. Will be declining my offer to Windsor from the high waitlist, hope this helps someone here! Good luck everyone!
  4. I was given an offer to Windsor for Western, and I would much prefer to live in Hamilton rather than Windsor. Some of the things I've heard about McMaster here are a bit discouraging however, and I'm feeling slightly intimidated by the more self-directed approach as I've always done well in more traditional lecture/book-learning styles. Can anyone comment on whether they found the PBL difficult to adjust to from a lecture-based undergrad?
  5. Thanks so much! So this extra year is basically a self-directed research project, with some limited electives? It looks like you must apply by Nov of the 3rd year, so how do people decide to take this after being unmatched?
  6. Thank you, that's a great relief to hear!
  7. I'm interested in hearing a bit about the 4th year if you know any more about it! At what point could you decide to do a 4th year, and are there any restrictions on taking it? Is it possibly an option for those who are left unmatched after 3 years? Thanks!
  8. Hi everyone, I know that neither Mac nor Western is ideal for someone who can't drive, but is it possible to get through either of them without driving? Between Hamilton, London, and Windsor, which do you think would be the most doable? I would appreciate any insights!
  9. Hey, my apartment did burn down in Uni and I had to deal with the stress of not having a place to live and relocating in the middle of exams! Despite all the stress, it may sound a bit corny/cliche but I do think that the experience helped me see that I can deal with adversity much better than I thought. I even mentioned the experience in one of my interviews - and got an acceptance there! What I found extremely challenging, as part of a disadvantaged population, is the lack of opportunities. I didn't have a chance to build up a huge resume of ECs because I was too busy working for the entire 4 years and every summer in Uni. Yes, I know that working counts as an EC, but spending every spare hour working is not the same as doing various ECs, perhaps a few hours each week or a different one every summer. In addition, it can be very difficult to find work that is relevant for med - sometimes you just have to make ends meet, as a clerk or cashier or whatever works. For the MCAT, not only did I not have the resources to purchase a prep course or even several sets of materials, I couldn't afford to take a summer to study so I studied while working a full-time job. A huge part of my ABS was a list of my awards, whereas I only had two research experiences. For all the schools that focus on being holistic by emphasizing ECs - I do hope that they can take all these into consideration and make fair judgments. I don't want to sound like I'm complaining because no process is perfect and everyone has different struggles that unfortunately can't be compared. There are many less fortunate than me who were able to persevere and succeed. I think it helped to truly realize that med school admissions are not a reflection of your self-worth, and the adversity I've encountered has helped me mature and find strength in myself. Sorry for the long rant, and hope that this helps at least someone here!
  10. Keep your head up and stay positive! I was literally refreshing this site every few minutes this week, so you're definitely not alone in that Hoping for good news for everyone!
  11. I may have gotten your offer?! So excited that I stopped lurking and actually made an account (also because I now have some questions/need for advice). All info about my offer is in the other thread - in summary, Hamilton, 1:50pm today, originally 7:54 with last name in middle of alphabet. GPA 3.96, CARS 130, IP. I'm also on the good waitlist for Western (super conflicted!) so I will wait until next week to make a decision (I guess it worked out that I was waitlisted for both haha).
  12. Result: Accepted off waitlist (Hamilton) Timestamp: May 23 1:50PM Original timestamp: 7:54 (my last name is in the middle of the alphabet so seems like it's alpha order!) GPA: 3.96 CARS: 130 Interview: went much better than Western the week before, where I was placed on the good waitlist. I guess not enough for a straight acceptance, but was super excited to get my offer today! Year: gap year after graduating Geography: IP
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