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  1. Does presenting at the multidisciplinary undergraduate research conference at UBC count as a research presentation that I can write on my application under the "research" section? I'm unsure because while it was held at UBC, it is not provincial level conference (I don't think?).
  2. Hi! I was wondering if taking care of a pet would be a valuable activity to add to my application? I've had a dog for over 10 years (since high school) and while my entire family takes care of him, I am the main owner. I'm torn on whether to include it because (1) hours would be hard to estimate and (2) I'm not sure if it would add much to my application.
  3. I'm a multi-year applicant and every year around the time of acceptances I get really sad when I hear of friends getting into medical school, but I haven't yet. It makes me more sad when I see people get in on the first try and I'm still struggling to get an interview after 3 years of applications. I'm really proud of my accomplishments but rejections from medical school really make me question what I'm doing wrong and what I'm missing from my application. I know this application does not say anything about my self-worth but it gets really hard when you're not able to pursue the career that you've wanted for so long. The whole process of applying to med can be exhausting year after year and really tests your patience too. I'm sure a lot of you all can relate, so I was wondering how you guys deal with these feelings? What keeps motivating you to reapply after each rejection?
  4. Okay, thanks for your input! Yeah I'm not sure about hours but I'll add an explanation on my app.
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