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  1. Hi everyone! I'll be applying to medical school for the first time this upcoming fall (entering my 4th year of UG), and I had a question about submitting an academic explanations essay to U of T. My first two years were pretty strong (~3.92), but unfortunately in the middle of this past year I found out that a family member who I was very close to was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. My family and I took regular trips to the US to visit her. She entered stage 3/4 in March and her passing in early April threw me off for my finals. I ended 3rd year with a 3.84, which is lower than what I expected and hoped for. Is it suitable to write an academic explanations essay in my case? My wGPA for U of T will now be only 3.93, I was anticipating for it to be closer to 3.96/7. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
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