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  1. You're correct! I am doing lower amount benefit of the NMP at UBC!
  2. Their mat leave benefit - no interest accrued or payments required for 1 year (can be residency or medical school).
  3. I first contacted MD Financial - I know the advisors pretty well. LOC is under Scotia now. In talking with Scotia didn't seem any promos or bonuses upcoming. They feel their overall package is competitive enough. Because of mat leave benefit likely 90% going with them. But I am wit TD and my partner is RBC .....so seems like a lot of effort!
  4. I have discussed with RBC, Tangerine (doesn't offer), TD & Scotiabank Scotiabank Up to 275,000 LOC at prime-0.25 LOC is given at once Access to free banking + 2 premium credit card (visa infinite and amex gold) Interest only payments until 2 years after residency Offer a mat leave hold on interest - i.e. for one year they won't charge any additional interest or require payments. TD and RBC do not offer this. I currently bank with TD and Tangerine. My partner banks with RBC. Scotia would be a lot of hassle but the mat leave benefit is nice.....but hard to predict that far!
  5. Timestamp: May 10th 11:18am Accepted NMP (1st Choice) Early or Regular Deadline: Regular AGPA: 85% (did submit medical for one yr so not sure if approved or not) MCAT: 510 Year: Finished Biochem (Hon) 2012 MHA 2015 ECs: Extensive - older student - did some international volunteering, on the board of directors for CCHL, 500+ yrs in hospital, President of WarChild UVic, UVic Alumni. Full career working for Doctors of BC - practice support coach and regional advocate. Geography: IP Interview: Was super fun! I did practice a lot just to make sure that I took some pauses. I also worked through some tough topics I would consider "triggers" just to make sure I could respond calmly and rationally. I do a lot of presentations to physicians in my current role which I think helped. Overall, was a rollercoaster of emotions going through this process. Back in 2012 I had contacted UBC regarding applying to med based on a heart arrhythmia. How I was treated then was awful and I lost all confidence in applying. I honestly also hated physicians for a really long time as well (bit ironic that since then I have only worked with them). Finally after a serious break up and some encouragement for physicians I work with I decided to try. I wrote the MCAT while working 60+ hrs a week and applied for schools. I am shocked I got in but very grateful for this privilege. I am also grateful now to UBC for the experience years ago. I am a better person and applicant. I now have 7 years of healthcare knowledge and systems transformation plus leadership experience which I am confident will make me a better physician. For those that had rejections keep trying! Do a Masters, explore a career, join toastmasters. It's never too late apply!
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