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    avocadoctor reacted to KinderSurprise in Waitlist Support Thread - 2019   
    Never give up.
    We’re all worthy candidates. We all made it very far. We all should be very proud of ourselves. Every journey is different, serpentine, rarely a straightforward line. 
    Let’s all support each other here. 
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    avocadoctor reacted to keener12345 in Waitlist Support Thread - 2019   
    I also accepted my U of T offer last week, pulling myself off the good waitlist- hope this helps someone as well  
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    avocadoctor reacted to bt30hnr4fd in Waitlist Support Thread - 2019   
    I just declined my offer to Ottawa -- I hope this helps someone here and I wish everyone the best!
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    avocadoctor reacted to TheMoonshot in Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)   
    You could be on to something! However, shouldn’t that imply that the time stamps for other wGPAs should be similar? Unless they rank you based on a cumulative combination of interview score + wGPA, in which case a 3.5/4 score on interview + high wGPA would put you at the top. 
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