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  1. I got an offer Friday morning! Still can't believe it. I am accepting! Just wanted to post so everyone knows there is still at least some movement going on! Good luck everybody!!
  2. Ohhhh ok. This is very good to know. I was freaking out waaay too much about not getting the email then. Thought I was in the top 4 or something hahahaha
  3. Was this a separate email from the ones sent out for being too low on the waitlist?
  4. An update on the blog! http://mdadmissions.ucalgaryblogs.ca/2019/06/05/update-on-the-waitlist-and-change-in-leadership/
  5. Your status on UCAN will change too. So I would check there as well to make sure you don't miss the email
  6. I totally agree I was thinking of calling the office just to ask for any sort of update... not sure if that's inappropriate though?
  7. Sorry! I meant the deadline the first round of waitlisters got.
  8. I haven't heard of any! I read on a blog post comment that OOP tend to get off the waitlist first since their preinterview score had to be high, so their overall score tends to be higher. I also kind of assumed that since the deadline for the first round that came out on Monday is Friday, that we won't hear anything until at least next Monday?
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