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  1. Result: RegretGPA: 3.72MCAT: 507Current Degree: BScN 2016Geography (IP/OOP): IPExtracurricular Activities (awards, achievements, volunteering, employment, research, etc.): critical care nursing experience (ongoing), other medical/non medical employment history, major volunteer role with an agency serving vulnerable populations, Involved in various community initiatives/active committees, volunteer with a child protection center, only left one entry blank. My ECs are all things I’m very passionate about and spend quite a bit of time with. I had additional leadership entries from roles at work, volunteering, etc. Included a few hobbies that I love as well. I thought my ECs were strong but I guess I’ll find out at the end of March CASPer: First time doing it, felt rushed but not too bad. Kind of hard to tell how it went, as I blinked and it was over. I’m disappointed to have not received an invite, as the UofA is my top choice. However, this year just isn’t my time and that’s okay I’m going to reflect on this application cycle and reevaluate how I could approach next year. I’m also going to rewrite the MCAT to see if I can make my score a bit more competitive. Congrats to everyone who got invites this year and best of luck in your interviews!
  2. As per HoffmanPharm, they spoke with someone in person at admissions and they stated the interview invites should be out by Feb 5th. Hopefully this is the case!
  3. Perhaps I am mistaken, but I think you may be misunderstanding this a bit. Per the UofA website: “To calculate cGPA, we include all transferable post-secondary coursework to which a grade was assigned while the student was enrolled full-time (by UofA definition) during the academic year (September through April) or full-time during the Spring and Summer terms (May through August). For undergraduate students, to be considered full-time you must complete 18 transferable units of course weight (ucw) during the academic year (September through April) or 12 ucw during the Spring and Summer terms (May through August). ” Most courses in undergrad are 3 credits, so you’ll need 6 classes a year to be considered full-time (not 10, necessarily) and 4 courses in spring/summer if you want to have additional coursework count towards your GPA. I’d caution you against doing the spring/summer idea unless absolutely necessary as it is highly condensed and it will also eliminate any sort of “break” you would otherwise get. Undergrad is hard, first year is big learning curve, but doing a full year without a break could cause burn out in some. Not saying you can’t do it, but just evaluate if you actually need to. Another thing that students will do to help their GPA is take 1-2 courses in spring/summer that are more challenging because the GPA won’t count when applying to med (but that includes if you do well in the class). As for dropping your lowest year: “For applicants presenting 4 or more full-time academic years (September through April) of transferable post-secondary coursework, we may exclude the lowest academic year from calculation, provided that it is not the most recent full-time academic year, nor the only year in which the student earned 30 ucw.“ This means that your first, second, or third year could have the GPA dropped. Your fourth year is automatically counted. To apply for ualberta med they expect you to have at least 1/4 academic years where you take 10 classes (30 ucw). They do this to evaluate your academic performance under a heavy course load. The academic year that gets dropped can be any year between 18-30 ucw(except fourth year). You just can’t drop a year if it is the only year where you had 30ucw. Technically, you only HAVE to take one 30 ucw academic year to fulfill the requirements for applying to ualberta med. However, you have to consider the requirements for your program and to graduate. I hope some of this made sense. If not, just let me know and I’ll elaborate.
  4. I confirmed with every verifier for mine, they were all contacted!
  5. Just so you know, the UofA does a mock interview as well (I think in February usually) and it is really helpful! This is my first application cycle but I have done the mock interview two times. They try to simulate the real thing as best as they can. You do have to pre-register, though!
  6. So, to clarify, you guys are not necessarily putting "5" items? I feel like it seems so rigid that it wants 5 specific things, rather than just discussing meaningful experiences in whatever way we feel appropriate. :/
  7. They do not release them, so unless a referee chose to share what the questions were with someone, there is no way to know. I am sure some of us know what the questions are. One of my references shared with me that they were "very good questions", but didn't elaborate further (and I didn't want her to!)
  8. Depends on the institution you are applying to! For example, UofA uses standardized questions and will not accept any reference "letters" if submitted. You would have to check with each institution, basically!
  9. Not 100% sure exactly how long, but it was on the 2 week-ish side for me as well. It is a very busy time of year, perhaps they just haven't reached it yet. I'd follow up in another 1-2 weeks if it still isn't there!
  10. That is very odd! At this point, you haven't paid. Is there any way to cancel the application and start a new one?
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