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  1. May I also ask, do we actually "submit" the application anywhere? I have completed all of my forms, and everything is "checked off" except for my casper exam. I just want to check to make sure there aren't any other glitches happening here, and I don't see a button to submit the application itself. Thanks
  2. I emailed them and they responded immediately, saying they are working on the issue.
  3. Hello, I am kind of panicking because I am just reviewing all of my sections prior to submitting my completed application, and the sections for my activities disappeared. I am not sure where they went, but I still have two hours left to complete the application (and was about to submit in a few minutes). Did anyone else have this happen? I am not sure what to do, but I am emailing MD admissions right away.
  4. I was thrown off a bit that they offered so much extra space this year to answer this question, but I still basically answered in the exact same fashion as last year. I did not use all the space, as it felt really inauthentic to do so. I just answered honestly in a few sentences.
  5. I believe it is based on total grade points/total units taken (excluding lowest year) Edit: Removed what I said and changed it because I reread your question and realized I misunderstood what you were asking. (Derp)
  6. Are you guys able to see the web page? I’m still not able to view any information regarding MD application information.
  7. I ended up only using ~120 words to share my alternate plans. I think it’s more about quality than quantity! I wanted to try and use more space (because it feels like so much wasted, valuable real estate) but it didn’t feel genuine. I was pretty concise, but I think portrayed my plans well.
  8. Hey! Just wanted to provide a little update. I started my application a couple weeks ago and had not yet entered any references. Today I just happened to check my launchpad and I was able to add EC information without having added my references yet Just wanted to pass this along in case some of you are hoping to get your references in later. It does appear as though references are contacted immediately after entry, so if you want to hold off to give yourself time to evaluate who you want as a reference I believe you can!
  9. Are we able to adjust our reference request after if we change our minds? Also, do both references have to submit their response before we can work on our app?!?
  10. Yay! I am so happy for you. I am a nursing non-trad as well, and your story gives me hope that I will be able to gain admission someday too! Congrats!!
  11. I’m not even waiting on an admission offer (rejected pre-interview) and I keep checking to see when offers go out too! lol good luck all, I’m rooting for you!
  12. You all killed this video! Way to go
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