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  1. Not 100% sure exactly how long, but it was on the 2 week-ish side for me as well. It is a very busy time of year, perhaps they just haven't reached it yet. I'd follow up in another 1-2 weeks if it still isn't there!
  2. That is very odd! At this point, you haven't paid. Is there any way to cancel the application and start a new one?
  3. That’s sort of what I thought. I guess if you have one or two important ECs that you want to elaborate on, it gives you the opportunity to do so (considering the space they give you to describe your role is so minimal)
  4. I was thinking I might elaborate on one or two important ECs. I’m a mature student, so for me, it feels more beneficial to share some of my life experiences that have shaped me, but it’s interesting to phrase this section in a way that requires “5 things”, because much of my personal experiences are blended. I feel that may be what is throwing me off a bit with how to approach this!
  5. Hello friends I have been perusing the secondary app and wanted to check with you guys about what types of information you are putting in the "personal highlights" section, which asks about your top 5 achievements/experiences. Is this meant to be completely separate from items we discuss in our ECs, or can we elaborate on those items? I know in the past, there has been an essay portion that was optional, but I can't seem to tell if this section is required or optional. Furthermore, does anyone know if this section is meant to be written in essay format? I find it to be quite vague, which I suspect is intentional so that applicants can showcase their subjectively important experiences/achievements. I am just curious as to how others are approaching it!
  6. As a mature applicant, I am really looking forward to them releasing the details for cGPA! It is frustrating for me, because I have a tonne of "non-transferable" coursework that messes with my cGPA. Hopefully these changes benefit more potential applicants!
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