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  1. Background/Stats: cGPA: 3.74. wGPA: 3.8-3.9 (depending on Ontario school). MCAT: 519 (130/129/130/130) Extracurriculars: Varied but not very med-centric. Some unique hobbies but little in terms of specific achievements or awards. No research, but a decent amount of volunteering. I applied back in October to 4 Ontario schools (U of T, Queen's, Mac, Western) and received an interview at Western. I was normal waitlisted post-interview and have not heard back (I'm assuming reject at this point). I am currently taking a gap year and working at a retirement village while volunteering at a hospital on the side. Given that I will likely not be called off the waitlist this cycle, I'm thinking more about my next steps for September. Does anyone have any advice for me to either take a master's or take another gap year? I feel like if I took an additional gap year I could spend much more time on my applications this upcoming cycle (Last year I took the MCAT on September 15th and thus couldn't spend as much time on my application as I wanted to). I could also apply more broadly (all over Canada rather than just 4 Ontario schools). However, if I do not get admitted next cycle, that would really throw me off and make me feel more down on myself than I already am. I miss being in school and it's a little boring and at times depressing living at home and not having a "goal" that I'm constantly working towards. Taking a master's and delaying my application by a year would give me something to be excited about, have a goal to work towards, and would also give me time to add extra-curriculars/research to my application. BUT i do not want to delay my application for a year if I actually have a good chance at at getting in somewhere in Canada this upcoming cycle. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. It's a pretty uncertain period of my life and I'm not sure what I should do. Thanks!
  2. Can we say that the post June 10th wave has already happened?
  3. is it abnormal to be into windsor already? if so, i guess normal waitlisters have less hope of getting in?
  4. I have a potentially silly question: When I access western's student centre portal, under my phone number where it lists my contact information is says "none". However, when I click phone number to edit it, my cell number is there. My cell and home numbers are also on OUAC. Should I be at all concerned that it says "none"? I just want to be absolutely sure that they can call me if I get called off the wait list. Also, if you don't pick up do they leave a voice mail/send an email or continue calling until you do pick up?
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