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  1. No movement this cycle on NTP. A sad story for those who were on the waitlist, including myself. Thanks for all the positive topics and information. Time to prepare for next cycle.
  2. phys201 and phys 200 appear to be the basis for mechanics and electricity courses. Also states that it is equivalent to one year of intro phys which is what is required for option 1 prereqs (6 cr of physics. Phys 202 appears to be optics which was in my opinion the worst one of the 3 physics I did. The problem I see here is that you are actually not doing all the elements of either classes mech/elec/optics in one course, it is mixed. Magnetism is in the course with optics while you have some mechanics in phys 201. Send the topics explored in each course by email to admissions asking to see if it is equivalent to 6 cr of physics required. Good luck! If you are in montreal, it isn't too late to apply to Concordia university and do physics + lab there as a mature student. You only need to submit exemption forms for calculus 1 and 2 and mechanics. Or you could try Dawson, i don't think it is too late to apply yet. You can do it evening if you work as well.
  3. Maybe a specific class is excluded from GPA calculation?
  4. From what I understand, the extenuating circumstances can be used to explain why a certain situation occurred but it won't impact ranking scores. I might be completely wrong here which is very likely. The person I know that used this measure was not full time during a year of his studies due to illness but he remained eligible for admission due to the circumstances. He got in last year despite having taken 4.5 years instead of 3 for his degree which was used as basis for his admission.
  5. You need to fill a form and send it to them to get them. It is not automatic. Also they had a training 2 days ago might have slowed the process.
  6. Missing 3 prereqs to have fully completed the prereqs?
  7. I believe you do not have your CEGEP grades considered in the NTP process. You need to have completed an undergrad by the deadline for NTP and the post interview score is 100% interview. The only place where the CEGEP courses would count should be around the exemption process if you manage to complete all the prereqs prior to the deadline and you have an admission offer to NTP. If I understand correctly anyway. In my opinion, the NTP was a much harder process in terms of the quality of applicants. You would probably see more academia oriented people in the QC stream than in the NTP one which means the likelihood of being against much more experienced orators and practitioners is high. I say this coming from a clinical background. The danger here is that if you perform well in interviews, you have more chances. But remember you have a QY year with grade reqs at university full time. That is also a challenge for financial reasons. All in all, I wish medicine would be a bit more geared towards the human aspects as well. With new technologies, I do think the process should limit the incredible significance of grades a little bit more. You might get some really exceptional candidates out of that pool of less grade savy people. Good luck on your attempts @notacliche
  8. While I do feel absolutely horrible for anyone that is being impacted by this, I do want to say that the NTP is not the best option to apply overall. I say this while being waitlisted for NTP. The candidates are extremely bright and shining examples of performance within and outside academia. Everyone I spoke with had CVs filled up with volunteering, research and often clinical experience. The only thing that is counted is your interview performance which means that certain people will easily fit into the format while others will not. If you performed very well in your pre-req courses you have a few points extra while it isn`t always the same for the NTP applicants. The applicant GPA is lower in general compared to QC Uni. If you have high grades you will most likely be more advantaged in the Qc Uni stream. Additionally, we never know how many people get in until the number is released (2 to 5). Just statistically, your odds are higher in the Uni stream. In 2018, as per the numbers released, there were 891 applicants for 94 admissions for the Qc Uni vs. 127 and 5 for the NTP. The movement on the waitlist for NTP is usually very small compared to qc UNI. so you are looking at a significant increase in likelihood to get in. Obviously im stating just numbers. But you may also have to do the QY year which is mandatory if you don`t get an exemption (individual review by a committee). That does not guarantee your admission unless you have the required grades in a full 10 course year. If memory serves, L&B do not cover QY years as it is not part of a program but I could be wrong. NTP feels like a last ditch if your courses are obsolete or not fully completed (or if for some reason you had to do a degree part time). These situations appear to have been integrated into the QC uni program (at least to my understanding). I would urge you to look at the positive side, if you were competitive in the NTP you should remain so in the QC UNI one as well pre interview. I wish you luck regardless of the path you take. I would suggest you do a program you love as a second degree as well. That is what I did and I came out with a solid career and something I am passionate about. Makes it bearable to not get into the NTP and potentially do another cycle of admissions (or more lol).
  9. I had already done my courses in cegep the first time around. Then a few university degrees... Went back to CEGEP and the cost was about half of that per course if not less. University courses were around that price. Think one class in cont. ed. at Dawson was around 160-180 ish. Make sure you are considered in province. If you are not born in Canada, you need to submit your immigration documents every single time you apply to one of these programs or schools.
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