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  1. Is it still possible that a spot or two might open this year? I’ve heard stories from current uOttawa med students of fellow colleagues getting off the waitlist literally a week before classes began. I know it’s not healthy to cling to this being possibility, but you never know!
  2. Class is full in the French stream! To those who got in, congrats! To those who didn’t, keep your heads up and try again next year!
  3. They seem to be getting a high volume of calls on the daily. The lady who answered me seemed pretty unimpressed with the reason I was calling for and wanted to get rid of me... I think you can expect spots to be open in English stream given that there is usually more movement than in the French stream
  4. I didn’t ask, but feel free to phone in and ask. This waitlist thing is really testing my patience *sigh*
  5. I phoned in today and spots are still open in the French stream! Kinda frustrating how they don’t let us know how many :/ it would also be nice if they told us when we should expect the class to be filled.
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