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  1. @PTPlease. I contacted the office a few days ago and I found out I was in the first quarter, but I don't know how many are even on the list. Did you hear anything back after you contacted them? They said all seats are full so now it's just a matter of someone dropping from their position. They said the number of people in the past who drop spots is typically 1 or 2 but depends on the year. I don't think they've really dropped down the waitlist at all, and most people who were sent invites accepted them. Although Mel is away, there is someone in her place who will be sending out waitlist offers as they become available. I guess all there is to do is hope that someone receives an offer from another program or another school which opens up a spot. Best of luck to all of us waiting!
  2. I was told I was on the waitlist last week, but I had my interview on the alternate date. I wouldnt expect I would hear back on the 2nd like others had after only 3 days following my interview, but who knows. I'm also an in-province applicant. When did others get told they were waitlisted?
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