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  1. Is it for certain that everyone who did not meet CASPER cutoffs were emailed? This isnt specified on their site so just wondering how people know about this.
  2. OOP waitlisted last year, haven't heard anything yet!
  3. Yea I think the page itself said 120 but pretty sure the other 10 are reserved?
  4. Has anyone heard of any movement? According to the course registration page, there seems to be 104 people registered already?
  5. from what i understand the July wave is also because of the conditional offers they send out! Graduate students, for example, have until July to finish everything but if they cannot, their offers are rescinded. Admin said this in the email they send me too
  6. thank you @anonymousturtle yes i have heard that. I was just trying to gauge how far down the list has progressed based on the score poll. From what i hear, i think the people in the 76 range should be next. Thanks
  7. Does anyone know if the waitlist has moved at all after OMSAS offers and acceptance deadlines? I know someone with a 78 got off the waitlist around the time OMSAS offers came out but not sure otherwise.
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