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  1. Ohh thanks for clearing things up! I meant "Pharm 254 - community service learning" is that experiential learning, did you have to take that class?
  2. This happened to me also, but I emailed Anjela about it and she said my deposit has been received. I'd recommend you email her too if you're worried
  3. Hey! I'm not an upper year student but my friend who recently completed first year sent me her schedule from last fall and winter and it seems like she was taking all of those courses. So about 5-7 courses/semester (im not sure if the INT D course is both Fall and Winter). I guess thats why they emphasized taking a full course load so much in applicants. The community service learning class I believe is experiential learning we do in the spring semester. As for orientation I'm a little confused because our admissions letters say its August 28th but the University calendar says its the 29-30th: https://calendar.ualberta.ca/content.php?catoid=29&navoid=7441. If the Uni calendar is correct the Id assume we start classes in September.
  4. A lot, it seems. Reading last year's forum there was a round in the beginning of July and in mid July as well. Good luck!
  5. I just got mine too! So excited to see all of you in the fall! I'm an IP student from UofC cgpa and Pgpa are both 3.85. I thought my LOI was good but interview was only average.
  6. I think it depends on if you live on campus VS off campus, the cost calculator estimates around $23000 per year if you live in residence on campus.
  7. https://apps.admissions.ualberta.ca/costcalculator/static/public/index.html Try this?
  8. I talked to Anjela from admissions and she says late June. Some of our transcripts haven't even been evaluated it.
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