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  1. I’m betting everybody who had a subpar CASPer got the email sent out automatically this morning. That’s just speculation as that’s all anyone can do.
  2. Awww sorry. Only 5 of them don’t use it this year! I wish they would be honest and let us know our scores as they come in. It’s like applying to Harvard with a 485 MCAT without knowing. Might as well throw money & time out the window.
  3. I'm OOP so I knew it was going to be hard, but the fact that I was so far below the mean isn't a good sign for my other applications. The e-mail says my file review is complete and that my application was coded ineligible because I failed to meet the minimum CASPer requirement. For Dal that's usually 1.5 SD below the mean minimum, in your applicant pool. Still there's 6-700 people that apply OOP so I didn't do so hot. I took the CASPer snapshot. It was not as bad as I expected, but I don't think I knocked it out of the park either. Two questions were extremely similar, so I was a bit confused there. I don't think they reviewed the snapshot since my score wasn't high enough. I did fine on CARS, I'm taking ethics & literature classes, I've done their practice multiple times, out of desperation from last year's performance I've read most of the (Be-Mo) book hoping that might help. I'm at a loss. Thanks Not giving up but definitely feeling discouraged.
  4. Hi current med students! I'm here for reassurance, I guess. I keep getting poor marks on my CASPer (I know because of my results in QC last year and this morning I received a notice from Dal saying I was more than 1.5 SD below the mean of my applicant pool). I'm just feeling so discouraged. People keep saying that you'd have to be "a psycho" to do poorly on CASPer, but I beg to differ, I'm not perfect but I'm pretty sure I'm not a psycho. My answers are perhaps not well developed because I run out of time, and also as a bilingual person I struggle more than the usual with expressing myself quickly and effectively... 1.6 min/question is not a lot of time - but I always try to look at the situation from several angles, find the most pressing issue, not make quick judgments on the characters, and to explain myself as well as I can, etc. I'm set to take the French exam in 3 weeks and man, I'm starting to wonder if it's worth it. Anyway I'm looking for a glimmer of hope. Has anyone gotten an interview into a Canadian medical school knowing that their CASPer wasn't the best? Was your GPA, MCAT and ECs able to compensate? Were you still able to do well in the interview if you did poorly on CASPer? (Since that's supposed to be a predictor of interview performance). Thanks for helping a girl out At the very least let's have a discussion about CASPer Be gentle, please. Not my best morning.
  5. That wouldn't surprise me. There's hundreds applying - most of them apply because they know they have stellar stats. Then they cherry pick 60-100 of the best for the interview, and have to pick 10 out of those, so yeah, it's a tough crowd. Actually that MCAT seems low at an equivalent of 512... if you look at places like MB or SK which have similar number of OOP seats the minimum MCAT is between like 522 and 528... if that's any consolation.
  6. Finalement, le message qu'ils m'avaient envoyé avait pas vraiment rapport. Ils ont juste pris un peu plus de 48hr pour me donner mon code d'accès et UNIP mais finalement je l'ai reçu ce matin. Merci!
  7. Bonjour à tous, J'ai soumis mon application à l'UdeM il y a des cela quelques jours. Je suis cependant incapable d'accéder le "Centre Étudiant" et je comprends pas du tout comment ça marche. J'ai pas de difficulté au niveau technologie d'habitude mais là, ça va pas bien mon affaire. L'Udem m'a envoyé un message en me disant que "Vous pourrez dorénavant ouvrir une session directement sur notre site" sans partager de lien. Ils me donnent mon e-mail et un mot de passe pour se faire, mais ça marche pas du tout si j'essaie d'utiliser ça comme sign up dans le Centre Étudiant. Sérieux qu'est-ce que j'ai manqué? Je mets ça ici en espérant que quelqu'un aura la réponse à ma question plus vite que L'Udem. Merci!
  8. Je ravive ce thread pour les nouveaux et ceux qui sont restés dans la poussière le printemps passé.. haha - Les applications ouvrent dans quelques jours, bonne chance à tous cette année!
  9. Peut-être qu'il y a plein d'étudiants qui ont remis leurs carrière en question à cause du covid-19? lol!
  10. Kill me now, I forgot to pay the fee because I was so wrapped up getting ready for my MCAT on the 31st. I paid for the WES eval, it was like 250$. I feel sooo stupid. Good luck y'all!
  11. Hey, I'm so confused. I understand that I should enter my most recent year first, but I am at a loss how to enter individual classes or if it matters. Should I enter going from the bottom of the transcript up, or vice versa? Should I start with Winter first, then Fall? Or do they just care that the last 30 CH are entered first? I might be overthinking this?
  12. Entk moi avec 4/4 hors QC ça m'avait donné 37.2. Quand même pas si mal. Je suis même pas certaine si ils m'ont calculé ça pour biologie ou biomed, vu que mon diplôme c'est biologie avec concentration en biomed. Laval m'a calculé ça comme si c'était juste biologie.
  13. Glad to see I'm not the only one that's been watching the website like a hawk since like June 15th.
  14. Hey, I was looking this up and couldn't find anything regarding the actual act of practicing in the US rather than immigration issues. I'm Canadian but I have permanent residency in the US (married to US citizen) so immigration is irrelevant to my question. I was playing with the idea of applying to Canadian optometry school this year, but for me it's important to have a job that is somewhat easily transferred from Canada to the US and back. Once immigration is figured out, what are the barriers for a Canadian trained OD to practice in the US, and vice versa? Is it just an exam, or are there more hoops to jump through? Thanks
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