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  1. Someone mentioned that they emailed admissions and the said that we WILL receive a link at some point today.
  2. Can you please send me the Western's med forum? I can't find lol Thank you.
  3. Are you interviewing this weekend for mês school???
  4. Nothing on my end. Honestly, if the AB process was all over the place before COVID-19, I can only imagine how crazy it will be now. I honestly just "forgot" I applied for now and just going with the flow.
  5. Congrats!!!! you are more than GPA, you are human and your mark is not entirely who you are. Be proud of yourself! also, how do you know there are 18 acceptances so far? Thank you for the update btw.
  6. Guys, My officer said second round of offers was sent (UCC) and TCD will be sending 1st round last week of March. Cheers
  7. Hey! Congrats did you hear from AB after emailing them asking for information? this year the AB application is all over the place lol
  8. Do they let you know if you need to write the exam? Thanks
  9. I am not too sure, but on the email it says: " In consideration of other candidates as well as the efforts of the Admissions Office and our volunteer interviewers, if you have already accepted an offer at another Dental School and are no longer interested in a position in the Schulich Dentistry program, please let us know immediately so that we can remove you from consideration in advance of the interview week-end."
  10. It’s usually before but tbh at this point I don’t even know my name anymore lol nothing is 100% sure with the AB process lol just go with the flow and hope for the best! Good luck
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