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  1. Hahahahahahahahahahaha I second you. I am ALSO on the waitlist so the stress is REAL! Hahahahahaha but I feel you. I wish I didn’t check this thread 10 times a day! Argh
  2. Not that I am aware. But we know that at least two people will decline/declined recently. But haven’t heard of waitlist movement since!
  3. Thank you for letting us know! All the best to you and your future! Cheers
  4. Ireland is a mystery. Nobody knows how they assess your application. Just apply =) Good luck
  5. Hey, I am not sure (I don't remember) if Toronto has a full-load policy. If they don't, I think you can apply there (since you will be finishing your 4th year, they will not use your lowest GPA year (1st year I am assuming) and wont use your 4th year GPA as well) which means that they will only take your 2nd and 3rd year! For western you will need to wait one more year to apply I believe! Good luck
  6. MWL is moving. I know for fact that at leas 3 people got the call already! The wait is indeed HORRIBLE! Hang in there and GOOD LUCK!!!!
  7. I understand your situation and I truly sympathize with your frustration. We are all on the same boat regarding stress levels. The confusion is because someone posted on the forum that they got off the MWL. Have you emailed admissions regarding the issue? It would help all of us (you specially) knowing what is happening and where the WL is at right now! Good luck
  8. Amazing! Congrats! I am MWL too and this is awesome =) Hoping to get a call soon haha
  9. Good luck and please try not to stress too much regarding the WL at Western (I know, I am on the WL too and I am also just as anxious). Honestly, there is literally nothing we can do right now and we already have so much stress in our normal lives with this pandemic. Don't stress about the FB group, this is not important and not reliable. A lot can happen... I am hoping you get in at Dal or Western. Sending you my good vibes =) Everything will be okay =)
  10. I am assuming you will need to email admissions. The deposit is due on June 1st. It’s safer if you email them before that. also, congrats. Did you get off the waitlist or you were offered a position when the results came out?
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