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  1. They've communicated with me through email but I haven't received an offer. Still waiting!
  2. Double check where you are in the list! On May 6th I was told I was in the bottom third but then last week I was told I was in the top quarter. I think the 2 waves of emails shuffled the list.
  3. Applied to u of a for PT Waitlisted, was told I was in the bottom third. sGPA 3.79 and cGPA 3.4 how many people have been wait listed and has anyone gotten in off the list??
  4. Hello! Has anyone got in off of the wait list? I emailed the admissions office from the first email that was sent out May 2nd and they said I was in the bottom third of the wait list. I’m guessing there hasn’t been that much movement, but I am still hopeful! Im an IP applicant with sGPA 3.79 and cGPA 3.4 fingers crossed :)
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