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  1. Result: ACCEPTED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Geography: (OOP/IP) OOP GPA: 3.9 MCAT: 129 CARS Degree : Master's in progress (I guess will now be defending soon!) Interview: in person, thought it went badly at the time but who knows. First interview ever.
  2. Yes! Closer to a 3.8. However, I'm a Master's student, and I think there's more leeway with graduate applicants.
  3. Result: RegretsGPA: 3.93 MCAT: 516 with 129 CARSCurrent Degree: MastersGeography (IP/OOP): OOPExtracurricular Activities (awards, achievements, volunteering, employment, research, etc.): Enough for Calgary (volunteering, publications, lots of hobbies, etc.)CASPer: not good enough for Mac Congrats to everyone who got an interview - really wasn't expecting to get an invite here.
  4. Time Stamp: 10:53 AM, January 30 Invite/reject: Reject IP/OOP: IP SWOMEN (Y/N): N 2YGPA: 3.9ish MCAT (CHEM/CARS/BIO): 130/129/129 Essays (X/8): 8/8 + About You (looking back, think I should have choosen more unique experiences)
  5. TIME STAMP: 4:08 PMInterview Date: TBDResult: Invite!!!!!wGPA: 3.92MCAT: 129 CARS ECs: sports, 1 publication, lots of TA positions, long term volunteering, several customer service/office jobs, etc. Nothing too exciting. Included several personal stories, though.Year: Master'sGeography : OOP
  6. Time Stamp: 10:06EST Invite/Reject: Reject GPA: 3.78 CARS: 129 Casper: apparantly not good enough to make up for GPA (oh well) Geography: IP
  7. Got an rejection email (9:30 AM) OOP (Ontario) No maritime connection GPA: 3.9 MCAT 516 (130/129/129/128) Just hoping it wasn't because of CASPER.
  8. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and have a question that's been bothering with regards to what to include on my applications. First, a bit about me: I've completed a Mechanical Engineering undergrad, with a 3.76 GPA (goes up to a 3.89 with weighting and/or consideration of a two-year average), with a 516 MCAT score and 129 CARS. I'm currently working on a Master's of Applied Science (thesis-based, 2-year program) and am looking to apply this cycle. I'm an Ontario resident with low to average EC's (minimal leadership other than several TA positions), and a few publications. Between my Master's and undergrad, I took a year off and was in a day hospital treatment program for an eating disorder for 8 months. I now consider myself to be in strong recovery. Tbh, I would say completing this program was far more difficult for me than my undergrad or Master's program, and taught me quite alot through seeing other patients' experiences, etc. From my point of view, acknowledging this condition (which has been resolved) could help explain the gap year and my lack of extracurriculars during undergrad. I had to quit sports in second year due to poor physical health, and really didn't have energy for anything when I was sick, so had virtually no EC's in 3rd and 4th years. Towards the end of the gap year, I did some volunteering and worked 3 jobs, but did absolutely nothing but this program for the first 6 months. Do you think this program is worth including on my applications/ABS? I found it incredibly valuable (learned DBT, ACT skills, lots of stress management and goal setting, etc.), but is mental illness just a huge red flag? Thank you in advance for any insights that you may have .
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