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  1. Working from home today and definitely having a very hard time focusing!
  2. Hi all, Just hoping for some help from anyone familiar with gpa calculation for U of C! Here are my undergrad years and gpa’s: Year 1 (2008/09): 2.56 Year 2 (2009/10): 2.55 - took a break from a social science degree (still registered at university) and did a college diploma in nursing. Returned to the same university and continued in an undergrad nursing degree: Year 3 (2012/13): 3.86 Year 4 (2013/14): 3.87 Year 5 (2014/14): 3.93 (only 10 credits due to pass/fail Completing work for an MSc this fall (foreign grades) which will be conferred in the spring of 2020. Can anyone help me figure out which years would be used for the gpa calc? Thanks so much!
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