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  1. A little late but posting this in hopes that it can be of help! Timestamp: June 4th 10:47AM PST (off waitlist) Result: Accepted VFMP Early or Regular Deadline: Regular OGPA: ~87.6% MCAT: 509 Year: BSc 2018 ECs: Pretty standard I'd say: hospital volunteering, research (no pubs), study abroad, schools clubs, undergrad TA, but I think what helped most was adding hobbies and personal interests Geography: IP Interview: Though I enjoyed the experience, I felt really on the fence about the strength of my answers. Some stations were good, some were just okay, all kind of a blur at this point! Overall, I just tried to be myself, answer honestly, and have fun! Very honoured to receive this acceptance. If you're still waiting to hear back or did not receive the news you were hoping for this cycle, don't give up! I'm sure you've heard this before, but it's not a matter of "if" but "when"
  2. Just curious if anyone who got an offer off the waitlist has heard back from UBC after submitting required documents and payments?
  3. Currently traveling abroad and was going to make a post once I got back but decided to do it earlier for all those still waiting. I’m an IP applicant and received an offer during the June 4 round of invites. Please don’t lose hope! There is always a chance. You likely could just be the next person on the list
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