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  1. When your preceptors say you are where you are supposed to be... does that mean they are not impressed lol... I keep hearing that from my IM preceptors and was wondering if they think I am horrible Lol
  2. Prior to clerkship, I was interested in competitive specialty and I have built my resume for this specialty , but as I am going through clerkship I feel that I have less and less desire to pursue 5+ years of residency and sometimes I feel like I should do FM because I liked the rotation and I felt that it was very easy for me.. On my FM block, I did not have to study and I was not trying to impress and yet I ended up with really good grades... I feel that I will be able to finish FM residency with no problem and with less effort, whereas I found pursuing specialty will require more work and effort and you are always on your toes and trying to impress, and there is constantly so much you are trying to learn.. Plus i also loved how non-hierarchical FM seems like compared to other specialties... How should I make decisions about specialties? Should i just do FM because I liked rotation and I felt that it was easy, and loved learning environment, and plus I feel that I am already burn out and I dont think I can do 5+ more years of residency with constant testing/ studying/ trying to impress, etc.. In FM, I feel I will burn out less, so I will be able to provide better patient care. Are those fair points for pursing FM?? Also, what if I go into FM and realized I want to finish another residency after FM.. Is that possible?
  3. What can be done to improve diversity in certain medical specialties?
  4. I was talking with my friend about starting a project with a preceptor in the speciality that I am interested in and a colleague overheard the conversation and asked me if he can join the same project / introduce me to the preceptor I am doing research with because he is also interested in the same specialty.. How should i respond? We are not close friends at all and I was surprised by his request and I am not sure what to say/handle situation?
  5. How do you deal with scoring below average in medical school. I usually try to do my best but I often end up with grades that are slightly below average. How can I improve my studying? How can I become better student?
  6. Any tips? Are you allowed to discuss what you hope to achieve if you get accepted into their residency program?
  7. I'm interested in a competitive speciality in carms, and was wondering how can I ask preceptors to be involved in case reports? Should I email some of the preceptors that I know? Thank you !
  8. Is the salary actually $50/hour? Are they able to work 8 hours a day or do they not have enough clients/customers? The one person that I know has been working as a dietician for few years now, and she is currently getting paid $50/hour, but she usually does not work full-time because she does not have enough clients.
  9. How do they differ in terms of the following aspects: - capacity to progress in career -salary - work life balance I've been thinking of becoming a dietician but in the past friends have been dissuading me from being one because apparently they don't contribute much to hospital healthcare team, and there is no progress in careers, not enough jobs.. but I also heard that they make $50/hour ( which is more than nurse's salary per hour).
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