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  1. Why should we change program in bear tracks? Anjela said just wait till you get the official welcome letter.
  2. Great. Thank you for the advice. I was not sure if i had to be registered for classes before i could apply for the student loan.
  3. Has anyone who got accepted already applied for the student loan? Does one need to be registered into courses before one can apply for the loan? I am not sure if i should start my loan application or wait till i get registered. If anybody knows, please clear it up for me. Thanks
  4. @InterinPharm I am IP with 3.9 (pre-req and last 2 years). Best year with 30 credits with 3.92. I have about 6 months of volunteer experience at a Pharmacy. LOI was decent, i had a previous student comment on it and he gave me helpful tips to make it stronger. Interview was okay.
  5. Hello Guys, I got my acceptance email this morning. I hope to see you guys in September. Good luck everyone who have not received the offer yet.
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