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  1. These are some excellent points, I am glad to have matched but my aim in writing here was really to make people aware that you may not get your 1-3 choice. I was given the advice that you do not go down the ROL much everyone gets one of their top 3, but that is not the case. I definitely would’ve changed my ROL had I thought it would go down past the top 3-4. Thank you everyone for all the support, I appreciate knowing I’m not the only one in this boat this year.
  2. By choices I meant program options in ROL, depending on how many specialties and how broadly you apply, you may have to rank 10 to maybe 100 options as you rank each program and then each site within the program. If you go to the Carms website and click on program description you can see the programs and the sites in each program. Hope this helps...
  3. I matched into my back up specialty. At this point I just want to move on instead of rethinking everything I did or could’ve done differently this past year. Found out today I passed the LMCC so that’s some good news :)
  4. So I went through Carms this year applying to two different specialties, we were strongly encouraged to do so to improve match rates. Some of my classmates applied to 3 specialties, I don’t know how they had CVs good for that. Anyways I matched into my 8th choice on ROL in first iteration. Since match day I have had many different emotions. In hindsight I wish I had known many things, especially how unforgiving Carms is. The thought of not ranking a program if I don’t want to do it is easy to say but when I submitted ROL my goal was to match no matter what. I had many friends who went unmatched last year and joined our match, on Carms tour there were people who were applying with Med5 year. I have HIGH respect for them but I did not have it in me to go unmatched and do Med 5 especially with senior residents saying during the tour - if you don’t match this year don’t come back. Anyways now as I start residency I hope I can get excited once I start working, I have thought of transferring but that is like winning the lottery. If there was a way to make Carms less of a one shot deal I’m all for it, it really should not be this way. Thanks for reading, just wanted to vent I guess. All the best to applicants going through Carms this year!
  5. Hi I don’t have any personal experience but 3 ppl in my class took some time off for depression and two ppl joined us from the yr above. One of them I was friends with and we would talk a lot, we would discuss careers, we would study together, share notes etc. I think having a good friend base/ support system is key. My buddy matched into family and the other person who joined us after taking time off matched into internal so it has worked out for them you can say. I hope this helps I think time you spend with like minded ppl going thru Med school and supporting each other is the best thing we can do, make it less isolating in the long run.
  6. Hi, I am an RN who got in 4 yrs ago, i asked my nursing professors and some of the doctors i worked with as a nurse to write me reference letters. I went through Carms this year and I matched into my back up specialty in the 1st round. We were all advised to back up with so many people going unmatched, I knew alot of the people last year that didnt match and joined our match so I backed up. My advice is think about it, if there is nothing else that would make you fulfilled other than becoming a doctor then go for it! But once you get in really gun for the specialty you want and have a back up in mind as well! It is getting more competitive each year to get into medicine, but once you are in it doesnt stop there. You then have to be competitive to match as well. As for being a nurse, I found the people I worked with as a nurse were then my supervisors in clerkship, some wrote me letters, some could not see me past being the nurse they worked with. I got asked at several schools during my carms interview how would it affect my residency given my prior nursing experience, especially if I see myself having any difficulty with the nursing staff, not gonna lie the question caught me off guard the first time. I guess the stigma of going into medicine after nursing is real. Anyways I hope this helps, feel free to dm me if you have any other questions. Best of luck!!
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