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  1. Hi everyone, sorry for making a post that's been over-done, but I wanted to ask this question again with specifics to my interest. 1. How much does research matter for IM residency programs in Ontario? 2. How much does research matter when you are applying for sub-specialities after you do your two years of general IM? It is important for the research to be in that sub-speciality field? 3. Does undergraduate publication have any say in residency matching? I am currently in first year of medical school and hope to go into IM (preferably within Ontario). I have four publications (of pretty decent quality) from my undergraduate years but have no big projects lined up currently for medical school. I have been joining in on a basic-lab I found really interesting. The lab is a big time commitment due to wet lab experiments taking long, and although I love the topic, I'm not sure if it's 'worth-while" if I want to focus on making my CARMs application strong. I have a project available in Toronto that would focus on clinical research and one of the internal medicine sub-specialities I'm interested in, so I am debating if I should switch into that instead. Thank you!
  2. Hi everyone! I've been hearing that Mac isn't the best at teaching anatomy and pharmacology to their med students due to lack of dedicated time to these topics. I want to make sure I'm well versed in both so that I don't fall behind others during electives. I'm going to be attending the hamilton campus, and was wondering how the system for students being able to work directly with cadavers will work for this specific campus (is it a lottery system as well?) Furthermore, are there any textbooks or resources that you recommend for learning more about anatomy and pharmacology in my free time? Thank you!
  3. @m_jacob_45 @robclem21 Both replies helped clarify a lot of things! Thank you so much!
  4. Hi everyone! I'm starting Mac Med in a few weeks and I wanted to make sure I had everything down pat before I got started. I get the general gist of shadowing and electives and the differences between those two, but I also had a few questions I was hoping someone could answer :) Shadowing: 1. Do these normally start first year? 2. If I'm not mistaken, they are the same thing as observerships and we just apply according to the protocol each hospital follows, and we are supposed to find the doctors we want to shadow ourselves and email them? 3. Do any schools help students find these observership positions? Electives: 1. We are able to do electives during the non-clerkship years of our education via side-electives... correct? 2. For actual "clerkship electives", I was hoping to do some of them outside of Hamilton (ex. States or Toronto): a) When you go to the UHN website for electives, they say the students have to apply through UofT, and UofT says that non-UofT med students can apply through AFMC... so I'm guessing it's possible to get an elective at UHN coming from Mac? b) How important are connections (esp from shadowing and research) when it comes to finding an elective position you really want? c) Sort of confused on the schedule of electives- is it just one elective position for a few weeks or is it like classes where you have multiple and elective A is every Monday and Wed and you go for a few weeks, while elective B is every Tuesday and Thursday? 3. How important are the locations of your electives for determining the location of your residency? So sorry for all the questions! Not all of them have to be answered if you guys don't know. Any help would be greatly appreciated! :) Thank you!
  5. Thank you! I definitely will try and keep an open mind It's just that I am going to McMaster for med and people have sort of scared me into thinking I should have at least some idea of what I want to do since Mac is only 3 years
  6. I am starting medical school this coming fall and I have a general idea on which field I want to go into. I hope to go into internal medicine, sub-specialty in infectious diseases. It's what interests me the most and also the field I wish to continue my research career in. However, I am a little worried in terms of job demand as well as the availability of residency positions for it since I never really hear anyone talk about infectiologists. I checked CMA's stats from 2018, and there seem to be about 152 in ON and 373 in Canada. I don't really know what this means but was wondering if anyone knew more! Thank you
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