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  1. Result: Accepted (May 14) GPA: 3.8 (2YR ~ 3.9) MCAT: 128/127/127/130 (512) ECs: High level sports, variety of leadership, service and random life experiences. No publications, but work experience in research. Some academic/athletic awards. Interview: I found the MMI challenging, partially because the question stems were so long. I felt like I barely had time to formulate an answer before the bell rang. Also, I could never figure out which one was the evaluator and which one was the interviewer since they both had pads of paper and didn't introduce themselves. One ethics station in particular was rough, but I felt as though I did fine on the others. Panel felt great though! They asked me about all of my random, non-traditional entries, which was unexpected but nice. It gave me the opportunity to make myself look like a real person with interesting hobbies and life experiences. Overall, I didn't feel good about my chances coming out, especially since such a low percentage of interviewees get an offer. I was very surprised to receive my acceptance email! Year: One year working post-UG (Grad 2018)  Geography: OOP --> Rejected my offer for UBC
  2. Just withdrew my acceptance for another offer. Hope this helps someone!
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