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  1. With those stats you don't need a suuuper high CASPer for Mac and that would be the only place you could apply if you postpone so personally I wouldnt
  2. Thanks! Do you know if this applies to more competitive specialties as well? Just in terms of keeping my options open
  3. I know, both of those hurt a bit but it really is something I've wanted to do forever. This is also the career I want so I don't ~mind~ it taking a little longer if I get to spend that time there
  4. I really want to live/practice in the UK but I cant afford tuition there as an international student. Is it semi-attainable to join their post-graduate training (whatever residency equivalent) as a Canadian grad? Would doing so limit me in terms of specialties? I'm not in med school yet but I would just like to get as much info as possible beforehand. Thanks!
  5. OOP MCAT: 525 aGPA: 4.5? Some rural Some socioeconomic No academic coefficients
  6. I've heard spelling is not considered when scoring the CASPer but mine can be quite bad without spellcheck & under the time crunch considering my WPM is quite low to begin with. I have a Chrome add-on, Grammarly which corrects spelling errors and I'm wondering if this can be used/is allowed. Basically it replaces the word with the correct spelling when you click intsead of having to retype. Also I've been averaging around 3 sentences per Q in my practice while I've heard 5+ is ideal, can anyone comment on this? I dont think its always my typing holding me back just for some of the Qs I dont have more to say or I cant add on without taking up to much time to explain if that makes sense.
  7. I just did the first one, what about it did you have a problem with? Ive never taken the real test!
  8. Ok maybe I can recognize how people feel even if I'm not in the same situation? And you don't know my story so please don't tell me how to feel
  9. This is prob the biggest thing, reading these forums/looking at stats it can feel pretty impossible even if your stats are good. We all prob need a support group and our schools premed societies aint cutting it lmao
  10. idk what reality is tbh. I don't know anyone who's gotten in and this forum loves to talk about the 4.0s/520s that get rejected. But thx
  11. Not that I'm getting my money back but anyway... WAMC ECs: pretty bad. I have a lot of "life experience" which may be useful for essay schools but I don't have 100s of hrs in anything. 100 hrs in a few volunteer positions, ~1000hrs research (no pubs), bunch of academic awards, a few jobs incl TAing, president in club + other exec positions. Nothing outstanding except my background I guess, any schools value this? Put that first so ppl don't chirp me for asking. cGPAs: 3.99~/4.0 (Alberta/UofC) wGPAs: 4.0 (UofT/Queens/Western)/4.5 (Manitoba) MCAT: 525 (132 CARS)
  12. Does anyone know approximately when we are going to hear back from each school? I know it's early but I want to spend the next few month detoxing from the whole premed thing so I only want to check around the time invites come out. Also are rejections given out at the same time or earlier?
  13. @rmorelanI got an email in the summer saying I would receive it and another last week saying I'm the recipient + the ceremony details.
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