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  1. Would it be useful to use the "other" section of the ABS to talk about life experiences, the type of thing that would go in a personal statement? Without being too specific I mean things that you went through as opposed to thing that you've done. The restricted character count makes me hesitant as I would rather explain these experiences more fully to show the growth/learning that has come from them. Since most schools don't really have essays I would still like to bring this into my application as these experiences have definitely shaped me as a person and applicant. Edit: I also have people who could verify these experiences
  2. This is my current plan! Hopefully it will be possible to get a decent job as a life science major but that's another story. Do you mind me asking how much you had saved before med school/ how much it ended up costing?
  3. I'll just have to make it work in Canada! For one, Idk about the osteopathy part of DO, I'd have a hard time convincing admissions that I'm into it lol. But yea as @Meridian said the bank loans are probably not possible and I have no way of making that much money in a decent amount of time- might as well apply multiple cycles in Canada.
  4. I feel like Mac is my only chance since my ECs are kinda lackluster but that's just me. Everything else I completely agree with, especially the socioeconomic barrier. All too real. Ideally things would be more holistic where high stats OR great ECs or some combination could equal a successful app but it seems a lot of schools look at one or the other which is a little annoying.
  5. Ontario, so probably the worst province for that. Thanks for your reply!
  6. Where did you hear this? Did that 40% not read U of T's website? Seems like a large percentage!
  7. So if I don't get into Canadian schools after a cycle or two I would like to have the option of applying to med in the USA. My stats should be competitive and I understand they have a bit less emphasis on ECs. Problem is my parents are not in the picture so I would have to fund it entirely. I understand that international fees + living out there is like 320k+. Is it at all possible to do this self-funded and has anyone gone through a similar situation? Would MD/PhD be an option?
  8. Yes I know there are no dedicated seats, I could have worded that better. Well I identify as half black so I guess I might as well? Tbh probably doesn't matter much.
  9. So I'm mixed 50/50 and I'm not sure if applying through this stream would be beneficial or not. Like would it be seen as taking a seat away from an 'actual' black person? My only plus side is that if I got an interview they wouldn't subconsciously count my natural hair against me lol. For the record I'm sure the admissions folks aren't straight up racist but we all have certain prejudices whether we consciously act on them or not. Also could be 100% reading to much into this.
  10. I doubt your chances would increase due to admissions seeing this is your 2nd time interviewing, if they look at that at all. They specifically say that they won't accept apps after the 3rd interview as this indicates the applicant is lacking something. Seems like if anything it would be held in a negative light. This is pure speculation.
  11. Yes, of course. I have ECs in most of the other categories (research, community volunteering, leadership etc.), just wasn't sure if I was going to have to put in a bunch of time to add another position + training to my schedule.
  12. As above. I may have a for credit clinical experience by 4th year but nothing extracurricular. Will this be a red flag?
  13. Is that specifically for organic? Im thinking of taking a stats course from AU
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