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  1. I doubt your chances would increase due to admissions seeing this is your 2nd time interviewing, if they look at that at all. They specifically say that they won't accept apps after the 3rd interview as this indicates the applicant is lacking something. Seems like if anything it would be held in a negative light. This is pure speculation.
  2. Yes, of course. I have ECs in most of the other categories (research, community volunteering, leadership etc.), just wasn't sure if I was going to have to put in a bunch of time to add another position + training to my schedule.
  3. As above. I may have a for credit clinical experience by 4th year but nothing extracurricular. Will this be a red flag?
  4. Is that specifically for organic? Im thinking of taking a stats course from AU
  5. Hi does anyone have info on the stats requirement? I'm worried about trying to fit it into my schedule so late in the game. Also my school has like three different stats courses. Non calculus stats I&II (1st year, 2 semesters) Applied stats (2nd year, 1 semester) Intro to research methods & stats in psych (2nd year, 1 semester) I emailed asking if any of these would be appropriate and got a very vague email so I'm just confused at this point
  6. I think it's a little hard for me pursuing a competitive field as I really hate competition, always have. I'll do it if it needs to be done but it kinda makes me feel awful. Also, the whole uncertainty as to what's expected doesn't help.
  7. Thanks for your reply. I have looked at the CanMeds roles and I think I can word my ABS to touch on most, if not all of them. I'm more worried that I'll stand out negatively due to my lack of hours/diversity/ numbers compared to other applicants.
  8. Hi, so I'm an Ontario student planning on applying to around nine Canadian schools next summer. I currently have a 3.99 cGPA and I'm taking the MCAT early next year. The main thing I'm worried about is ECs/ABS stuff which I feel like I am very much lacking. I did almost nothing in first year that I could put on my app. Any advice? 1000+ hrs of employment (some from before uni, a bunch in the summer, all since age 16) 600+ hrs research (NSERC USRA & lab volunteering) 150 hrs volunteering in a shelter 50 hrs volunteering in a hospital (some patient contact) 100 hrs peer tutoring Executive (not pres or vp) of a health-related club Recreational, mostly unorganized sports Some travel & a handful of academic awards A few one-off activities (less than 50 hrs)
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