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  1. Does anyone recommend books or online resources to help for IM/FM? I'm starting IM soon in PA school and wasn't sure where to post this. Is UWorld worth buying for practice of cases for IM or is it too complex for starting out? Any thoughts on Case Files for IM (on Amazon)? Thanks!
  2. AGPA: 4.1 MCAT: 508 IP 1st time applying...what do people think? Decent chance if I don't bomb casper?
  3. Would never vote for Trudeau..and the NDP is on its way to being (almost) wiped out because of its leader. Hoping for Scheer to pull through and get a minority government with the BQ. Biggest issue is probably cost of living/housing affordability but immigration/asylum seekers and healthcare are up there.
  4. Is there any way to lobby or bring up the issue with the licensing boards that Canadian PAs should be eligible to write and gain license in the USA? I find it unfair that US PA grads can practice in both the US and Canada whereas Canadian PA grads are limited to Canada. I'm willing to engage and bring up the issue (or support others who want the same thing) so that there is access to both job markets.
  5. I received a LOC today for 90,000 from Scotiabank at Prime with passport visa infinite fees waived while in school.
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