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  1. Thank you for the clarification Also, if I were to mail my transcript to UBC, how do they match my transcript with my application? Do they search using my student # in their pool of pending/submitted applications?
  2. My enrolment is overall a little tentative right now. I plan on fulfilling the rest of my English credits this year, but I'm not enrolled in the course I want yet so there's no trace of my second English course in my current transcript. Would it be a mistake to submit my app now without a second English indicated anywhere in my planned courses and transcript? At minimum, I'd indicate my English courses in the 250 character box. I also have some other course placed in both my Fall and Winter semester; it's offered both semesters and I haven't decided on which yet. Could this be an issue as well? Thank you
  3. Scenario (not eligible for wGPA): 3.96 cGPA with the transcript submitted during application, ~3.84 after the most recent school year Could/would UofT revoke their offer? UBC for example I think will revoke their offer if the GPA from a final transcript drops 5% or more Additonally, would anyone know how this drop in GPA situation compares with other OMSAS schools (uOttawa, Queen's McMaster)?
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