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  1. After lots of thinking, I decided to decline my offer of admission to UAlberta and to study at USask instead. I hope this open seat goes to one of you still waiting in this forum! Looking forward to meeting some of you in CAPSI PDW 2021 :))
  2. I also got accepted to the U of S, so I am still making a decision whether to accept or decline admission to the U of A.
  3. OOP cornfed lad straight from U of Sasky Last two years GPA: 3.73 Achieved high grades in biochemistry, microbiology, and cell biology. I only did one full 30-credit course load out of my three years in university and had a GPA of 3.3 (I know it’s trash) I was very nervous about this and thought it was going to be the downfall of my application but I guess they don’t care as much about it as I thought! Letter of Intent: It was really good I think. I have no experience in pharmacy whatsoever but I have volunteered in many leadership roles at my university and local hospital for two years, a member of the AAPS, and I work at the Canadian Light Source which I think might’ve helped in my application. Interview: Really good! I was very prepared for the interview and honestly surprised at how easy the questions were compared to the U of S interviews.
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