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  1. So would a kinesiology degree be ranked lower than say a health sci degree? doesn't make much sense since schools like Western and McMaster have pretty tough kinesiology programs. Also, does Mcgill state that the take your degree into consideration?? I haven't been able to find it on their website. And I know most other Canadian schools explicitly say that they don't discriminate between degrees.., and I don't think they'd lie
  2. After some digging around on the western website itself (FAQ section), it appears that they do accept third year applicants as you can apply if you have 2 eligable years. If accepted, you get a conditional offer
  3. I just noticed on the OMSAS guide that applicants must be completed or on the last year of their bachelor's. Does that mean that someone can't apply in the summer between second and third year? is this the case for other universities as well?
  4. Thank you so much! and congrats on the amazing score. Do you have any advice for CARS? would you mind sharing which resources you used??
  5. I'm currently in my 2nd year of undergrad. planning on writing the test my first time end of august 2020. I wanted to get your thoughts on studying for CARS long term. I want to dedicate an hour or so every morning during my commute to university to do practice CARS. then when April rolls around, I will likely study MCAT full time. Is this a good idea? I plan on using EK101 and JW for my morning readings and then transitioning to Q packs by the time summer rolls around when I'm doing MCAT full-time.
  6. Hello! I have the opportunity this summer to have my own research project. It will likely be a 9-5 with about 3 hours of commute a day. Is it possible to perform well on the MCAT while doing this (520+ with a 129+ CARS)? or should I just use my summer to study full time (summer meaning may-august exactly, looking to write at end of august). As a reference, by the end of this year (2nd year), I would have taken: 2 courses gen chem 2 courses anatomy/physiology 1 course biochem 1 course organic chem 1 course physics (basically kinematics and dynamics only) 1 course sociology I have a choice to do my research the summer after, and don't have to do it this summer.
  7. Hey folks, Any ideas on if any Canadian schools reject or frown upon taking an online course during undergrad? It happens to be a biochemistry course, which I know is a prereq for Ottawa. WIll this make any difference? Also, do these things matter for US schools, at least ones that accept Canadians?
  8. Hey folks, Can anatomy/physiology be used to fulfill prerequisites for biology? I'm referring to both Canadian and American MD schools. Thanks a bunch James
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