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  1. I've noticed people on the invite/regret page differentiating between paid and volunteer research. Does it really matter? I thought the end goal was the experience and hopefully a publication. Wouldn't a publication as a volunteer be a bit more impressive?
  2. Hey folks! For the confidential assessment form, are the referees that write them required to provide their contact info? If so, how are they contacted? I'm having a bit of trouble as my referee isn't good with English at all. so he will be having his son helping him write my reference. But the son is quite young and isn't comfortable with being contacted by the adcoms. If the Adcoms ask a specific set of questions, I can just let my referee know so he can prepare a proper English response in case they do call. I guess it won't be an issue if they email him but I'm guessing that method is only used if he doesn't pick up the phone Also, how much emphasis do they put on the whole "direct vs indirect contact" and time spent with the candidate? My three referees will be: 3 years with me, indirect. 1 year with me, direct. and lastly 8 years with me, direct. Does this sound good, or should they all be direct contact and more long term?
  3. I completely get your point. I guess I worded it completely wrong. What i moreso mean was when you go to the lower to mid impact factor journals, are they gonna really stop at every applicant and compare how one journal is impact factor 3 while the other would be ranked better because it has a factor of 4? I guess this just shows how clueless us premeds can get hahahah. Would love to hear what you think though as a med student
  4. Well I was aiming for a much lower impact journal hahaaa. But in terms of the admission process I feel like anything below those top journals is treated as equal (except for non-peer reviewed work I'm guessing)
  5. what's your theory behind that, if you don't mind me asking?
  6. Hello! What exactly is the importance of a 1st author publication during undergrad years? will it make or break an application/give you a big edge? For context, I currently have a couple of co-authorships. Would love to hear yall's take on this
  7. It's not a course requirement, it's an elective that's part of the experimental learning opportunities at my university
  8. Would you mind sharing what they asked about? I thought it was only your proof of salary from grade 11 and 12. Did they ask for anything else?
  9. I heard that UofT doesn't allow you to use placement, internship, or mentorship courses towards your wGPA and/or your course load requirements. I'm currently taking a mentorship course. I was wondering if there is any way for them to find out that I'm taking it. Is it realistic for them to go through every applicant with a fine comb and find if they're taking a mentorship course and drop their eligibility for a wGPA? The course is a humanities course. It's fully marked, with both a classroom and a lab component, and it really does require a lot of effort to do well. I have no clue why they wouldn't allow these courses to count. On top of that, I don't think they mention this anywhere on their website, so it's a bit weird that they'd have these rules and enforce them heavily without warning the students
  10. I'm a second year currently. During my last summer I volunteered at a lab and ended up helping with two projects. They're in manuscript stage rn but I'll be around 4th author for both of them (to be published next year probably). I'm working with a PhD student right now helping out with a systematic review. This will lead to a 2nd author and likely be published by this time next year. This upcoming summer, I'm set to do my first author project with the first lab that I mentioned (also very likely to be published) Note that all the research is in the same medical specialty but with two different PI's Overall, do you think that this is enough research for an undergrad student? I really do enjoy research, but I also feel like I shouldn't do more research after this and should focus on other parts of my application. On the other hand, I also could explore clinical research, which I've had zero exposure to so far
  11. So would a kinesiology degree be ranked lower than say a health sci degree? doesn't make much sense since schools like Western and McMaster have pretty tough kinesiology programs. Also, does Mcgill state that the take your degree into consideration?? I haven't been able to find it on their website. And I know most other Canadian schools explicitly say that they don't discriminate between degrees.., and I don't think they'd lie
  12. After some digging around on the western website itself (FAQ section), it appears that they do accept third year applicants as you can apply if you have 2 eligable years. If accepted, you get a conditional offer
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