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  1. Also for future applicants, I know in my previous post about my statistics i said i had a 3.1 as my prereqs grade. I Grossssly underestimated it because i totally didnt realize that taking higher level courses of the same class (for instance my first year chem was like B- but i got a A in chem 213, but got a B in chem313 they look at 213 grade not 313 ) they still look at the best grade. So actually my pre req grade was 3.7 and my cGPA was 3.67 I know neurotically checking this forum kinda helped me stay sane (or sort of) best of luck to every one. BUT ONCE AGAIN FROM WHAT I UNDERSTAND ACCORDING TO ANJELA, PREREQS DONT EVEN MATTER UNLESS THEY'RE A PART OF YOUR LAST 60 CREDITS GPA IF you're applying after completing all the pre reqs say in first and second year and are applying for admission post third, fourth year the only ones that matter are biochem, cell, and micro.
  2. *the most unprofessional person in the program* lmao me. Also thank you @UhhhhhhOkay for the reply!
  3. ok hoes listen up... im so excited to meet you guys we finna have a good time in pharmacy k? also does anyone know if we get a formal letter in the mail? cause i wanna put it on my parents' fridge.
  4. its around 12,000 a year (actually tuition is around 10,000 but all the other stuff makes it around 12, 000.
  5. yeah ok so um last two year gpa was 3.6 pre req was literally 3.1 ew ( but micro, cell, and biochem were 3.7) and i was working as a pharmacy assistant and did research regarding scope of practice for pharmacists. My letter of intent was super strong, thousands of hours in a pharmacy. community leadership volunteering, extracurricular included music so ya guys if y'all got a shitty gpa dont worry i got in. see ya hoes in septemberrr
  6. i got innnnnnn bichesssssssss <3333333 my pre reqs were very bad but i had lots of experience in a pharmacy (hospital and community) and lots of volunteering related to pharmacy. BSc completed here at the uofa
  7. How many batches of admissions are there?? seems like two have been done
  8. im so scared bichessssssss fml im such a neurotic mess rn cause of this admission i have so many pimples im breaking out my, ROOM is a MESS i cant
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