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  1. I used to be similar to you very against insurance. Though after a few cases I saw, one was for a family friends mortgage which the husband passed away and he was the higher income earner. The wife then regretted so much not getting the insurance as she could no longer afford the house. Another case I saw was for the medical LOC a friend of a friend life ended when she was still in med school and her parents had signed up as co-signors and used there home for collateral. Now they are on the hook for that LOC and may lose there home.
  2. Just to confirm, currently the two best LOCs are with Scotia and RBC correct? CIBC is not as competitive? Also as others have mentioned having an advisor that knows what they are doing is very important. It is also really important to have a good relationship with your advisor as they do have wiggle room. If they like you they can go the extra mile to help you and advocate on your behalf, goes a long way in any bank whether it comes to approvals/fees/waivers and so on.
  3. I also know a good advisor at scotia in the GTA for medical LOCs if anyone needs his info.
  4. Scotia also has the MD acquisition and if you are with MD you will also get free banking for your business account if/when you decide to incorporate.
  5. Hello, If anyone has any question regarding the Scotiabank professional line of credit or needs assistance you can reach out to me. I have extensive experience in this matter and I can guide you to someone who can assist you with the setup or answer any question if I can't.
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