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  1. took CHEM2020 with Hili and CHEM2021 with Jackson. Both were pretty good. Studied my ass off but ended up with A+ so it's doable I think that York has a strong orgo department overall. All the profs are great imo. Your grade is more dependent on how well you are at orgo that the actual prof
  2. one 5% reflection paper (super easy full marks) and one final essay (marked harder though and worth somewhere around 30%)
  3. cGPA: ~3.7 CARS: 130 CASPER: unwritten IP 5th year UG Honestly not sure with the lower gpa but does anyone think I have a chance at Mac :/
  4. Took it with Rutherford last winter. Really interesting but know that she takes a much different approach to abnormal psych than the other profs. Hers is more focused on the history of abnormal psych rather than the actual disorders. Otherwise, it was an easy A imo.
  5. Was just wondering how a ~3.7 cgpa looks like for Mac. I've heard they're most forgiving in terms of low gpa paired with high CARS and casper. Any idea?
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