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  1. I just completed my BSc at U of T and I am set to begin my MSc this fall. However, I have recently become interested in applying to medical school in the future. My grades are not the worst but they are not as strong as they could be. I do not qualify for wGPA at U of T since I did not take 5 courses during my first year. However I have taken full course loads in subsequent years. These are the GPAs I have achieved from year 1-4 of university: year 1: 3.78, year 2: 3.69, year 3: 3.70, year 4: 3.70. I am wondering whether I should start my masters and apply to med schools in two years as a graduate student, or if I should look into completing 1-2 more years of undergrad courses to become more competitive/open up other schools. Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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