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  1. Hey guys, I am planning on getting a new home internet and cell phone plan in the Fall. I was wondering whether anyone knows of any good deals? Also, which carriers work best in the Vancouver area? Thank you!
  2. Hello! I have a few questions regarding housing: 1) Why do students prefer to live off campus rather than on/near campus? There are quite a few apartments and condos near the Life Science Building which is very beneficial for first year. Moving is always an option to live closer to VGH in second year. 2) Approximately what percentage of first year med students live on/near campus (within walking distance from the Life Science Building)? 3) Social life is quite important to me, so are most first year parties close to campus or near Kits/Fairview/downtown area? Is it common for students living near campus to take a taxi to the bars in downtown? 4) Would it be isolating living on campus? I'm really dreading taking a bus to 8am PBL classes.. but if most people in first year med are living in Kits/Fairview area then I'd rather commute than sacrifice my social life. Thank you for your help!
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