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  1. Just curious as to why/how we would need to change our program on beartracks? Anjela said nothing about that in her e-mail nor did it say to in the admission e-mail or letter.
  2. I took 3400 at the u of l and it counted as my microbiology requirement! The course is difficult, but it is manageable if you put the work in! The lab is the worst though lol And all but my last semester were full course loads; I was finishing my pharmacy prerequisites and my minor so I only took 3 classes!
  3. I completed my degree at the University of Lethbridge in 2018. My overall was a 3.4 but my last 2 years was a 3.74. I think my interview was really good and I have 4 years of lab experience!
  4. Hi everyone!! I received my acceptance letter today around 130pm! I’m super excited to meet all of you in the fall and to those still waiting, don’t lose hope!!
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