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  1. It looks like they've released the cGPA calculation for this year. The only change I see is that spring/summer term must have 12 credits in order to be used in GPA calculations. They still drop the lowest year as before. I'm a bit disappointed that no change occurred but I expected something similar to this, so I can't be too surprised. Good luck to everyone this year!
  2. I really like western’s system of calculating with the two best years or ottawa with their weighted last three year system. I feel like a lot of mature applicants who would otherwise be a great fit are locked out because of two to three poor years at the start of their undergrad. It can be almost impossible to raise your GPA after two 2.0 - 2.5 years. Many come back with an almost 4.0 GPA in subsequent years of study.
  3. I may phone tomorrow and see if they have any timeline or information. Hopefully someone else on the forum knows something.
  4. So I was looking through the U of A academic requirements for GPA. It looks like how they will calculate cGPA is yet to be determined. Depending on how they calculate it, it could really help me this cycle because I have two poor years and three good ones. Anyone have any insight on what the cGPA calculation could look like?
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