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  1. Is it true that Physiatrist make almost the same income as family physicians?
  2. Several of my preceptors have told me that they think I have a “ psychiatrist “ personality, and they see me as a psychiatrist. I was wondering what personalities do psychiatrists have? I have not done my rotation in psychiatry yet and I don’t think I am very interested in it but was just curious what personality traits people associate with psychiatrists !!
  3. My preceptor offered me an opportunity to work on a research project he has and said that there is potential to apply for scholarships in near future and I was wondering if it’s a good idea to accept this opportunity ( I will have to do research during my second year of med school). Will it make any difference in my Carms application. I will be applying for a competitive specialty.
  4. I am a Canadian med student and I will be writing the LMCC next year, and was wondering what do people use to prepare for the exam?
  5. Thanks!! I will be applying to Opth so don’t think it will help my application much!!
  6. I was wondering if someone can share their experience of matching to the US after completing a Canadian med school. i did well on my USMLE step 2 and will be applying to competitive specialty. I’m thinking of finishing all my USMLE in case I don’t match in Cda. What are ur thoughts on applying to US? Is it doable?
  7. I did quite well on my USMLE step 2 and I was wondering if I should include this when going through Carms... would program directors take my grade into account or not really? ps. I am applying to a fairly competitive specialty
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