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  1. I'm a 4th year medical student, and the answer is no.
  2. I would stay out of the market unless you're close to graduation/have a source of income.
  3. I don't know a single internal med resident who's happy lol. IM to FM is probably quite common, the main reason being burnout.
  4. I did pediatric derm and complex adult derm. The clinical part of derm is really fine, its very efficient and fun because your patients are generally healthy (and even if they're not, you don't deal with the unhealthy part), however the residency is intellectually quite rough, at least from what I saw from attending the resident classes. And from speaking to many residents and even some who have completed residencies in other specialties before entering derm, it's one of the hardest board exams. I'm just not interested in the grind anymore, I want to start prioritizing other aspects of my life, so I'm going for family. The flexibility of family is also really nice, you can kinda change patient population during your practice by "specializing" in certain types of practice. It's super interesting though.
  5. I was a derm gunner since 2nd year and I won't be applying, things change! the pool this year will be different especially bc of covid
  6. can family doctors moonlight in internal
  7. Yeah if you're down to lose 30k + the compounding interest on that money... The stock market is very overvalued right now.
  8. C That's insane, how long do you think you will sustain this? Are you working harder right now because you're young and want to put as much as possible into passive income investments? Can you do a breakdown of how much you make from each type of physician activity (ex: 50 hrs of office = x $, etc., x hrs of walk in = x $)? (To have an idea of how each type of activity compensates) I'm assuming you do all of these and are working your ass off because you enjoy doing it, have you considered lucrative/lifestyle family med practices such as pain medicine? You could probably hit similar numbers with less hours Thanks for doing this!
  9. This is true, and from what I've seen from academic derms, they still work 5 day work weeks (3 days clinic, and spend the other 2 days doing paperwork and research).
  10. Yeah I mean it's great that you got such a good return, but that was pretty risky! It could have keep dropping and you would have a lot of interest to pay... You got super lucky
  11. Has anyone done a R3 fellowship in addiction medicine? Wondering what the practice is like; the bread & butter, pace of the clinic, job market, etc.
  12. From which residency to which residency, why? Really interested in learning more. I'm a 4th year med student making carms decisions now
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