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  1. No dude, if you ever want to come back to Canada, you're much better off doing the traditional route of med school in Canada. Besides, the undergrad experience is an important part of the journey... You would be missing out.
  2. No I don't mind the schedule, just wanted to keep that in mind while organizing observerships during my breaks. Ophthalmology and derm would still have a call schedule right? Is it usually the resident who actually works during call?
  3. I'm just curious to know, which types of doctors do not work on holidays and weekends? And when they don't work, who takes care of the "on-call" patients?
  4. What ressources do most people use to study for it? A part from UWorld and Toronto notes.
  5. Travailler est probablement une très bonne option dans ton cas. C'est sûr que tu vas faire plus d'argent que dans un stage SARROS. En plus, tu gagneras plus d'expérience clinique et tu pourras te faire des connexions.
  6. How long does it take to get CMQ equivalence?
  7. And get banned while you're at it... They check IPs for suspicious activity.
  8. I don't have any family medicine in my pre-carms schedule, but I'm really interested in family, maybe even more so than in the specialties I was gunning for. I was thinking of spending a week or two doing an "observership" with a family medicine clinic in the city where I want to match, but I'm not sure about how to find the high-yield places to contact (the clinics with the important people who sit on the admissions committee) And i don't really know what a strong family medicine application looks like.
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