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  1. Hi, sorry, long post alert, plz bear with me... it is so inspirational to read all these success stories, i pray that someday i will also be in a position to share my story here. So basically I am from Pakistan and completed my degrees from there, till high school i was a pre-med student but due to some circumstances I was not able to get into medicine.. then altogether i changed my field, i did B.Com (Hons) and M.Com from University of Punjab. I have my course-by-course evaluation from WES and get equivalence of 3.90 and 3.80 CGPA respectively. i was doing PhD in commerce when i moved here so left it incomplete. i worked as assistant director in Central bank of Pakistan for 5 years, married too during that time and have my family (one 4 year old, one around 3 year old and one 10 months old baby) I also worked as volunteer in another bank for 2 months, i am going to be 31 years old btw in couple of months thats all i have... i know nothing about Canadian education system, i don't know from where to start? should i do a second degree in sciences? which path i should choose? which books i should study for MCAT? i came Canada last year on PR and i am in Ontario. Please i just want clue from where to start, i have enough dedication and i am hard-working so i believe i can do a try for a dream that is still in the bottom of my heart. Your suggestions are really important for me, so based on my circumstances please give your input. Regards, Kanwal
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    Hi folks, I am a new immigrant, age 30 I am a commerce graduate, b.com hons 3.90 CGPA M.Com 3.80 CGPA (equivalent in WES) I am interested in medicine program I know one requirement is I have to complete 2 life sciences cources n then MCAT give me honest opinion, should i try for medicine, how hard is MCAT?? From.where to start?? From where should i take classes?? Please if any current student of medicine can guide, i will be highly obliged Kanwal
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