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  1. How much did you have to pay upfront and what is the monthly amount?
  2. Hey guys! I have been fortunate to have been accepted at the University of Saskatchewan medical school. I have been researching different things available for medical students in terms of receiving bursaries, scholarships, line of credit perks, and other discounts as members of the CMA or SMA. I was wondering what sorts of things you guys took advantage of to get various benefits available to us as medical students and how to maximize any extra money or benefits we can get in different ways! Here are a few ideas for anyone to provide input on: Bursaries/Grants/Any smart ways to maximize these Scholarships Cell Phone Plan Discounts Loan Forgiveness Programs? Any other discounts and benefits
  3. Thanks for the input guys, really helps! I would plan to cancel the LOC at anytime if I feel the need so I don't think the mortgage issue should arise, but good to know still. Also I just wanted to confirm with others that if I don't ever use the LOC, I shouldn't be charged any additional fees or any interest right?
  4. Hey All! I will be starting medical school in August! I have all of my finances sorted out for tuition and everything else, I don’t need a LOC for financial help, which is a blessing. However, I wanted to take advantage of the perks that come along with ScotiaBank’s LOC like the two credit cards with sign up bonuses and the current $300 cash offer with the free bank account. I was told by an advisor that as long as I do not use the LOC, I will never be charged anything for it. I just wanted to get people’s opinions on doing this and if there are any downsides?
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