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  1. Contact your school’s financial aid/scholarships office. Usually there is a specific person who verifies everything for professional school applicants.
  2. I'm moving in on August 1st and then coming down for good on the August 22nd - 23rd, just before the backpack + white coat distribution days. It will be nice to get accustomed to the area I am living in before O-Week starts!
  3. You put a lot of trust in GPA, which is far from a great metric to compare applicants with since it does not always represent the absolute "skill" of an individual. Imagine three people with the exact same level of skill. Person 1 has a bad year caused by a depression stemming from a tragic event in their life. Person 2 can't commit the hours and hours needed to ace every course because they have to work a part-time job while taking care of their family. Person 3 goes through their undergrad with limited distractions and always has time for studying. While each person has the exact same skill level, Person 3 is going to nab the higher GPA simply because they had much less to worry about during their undergrad. This example is a microcosm of reality, and showcases how GPA does not always represent "skill." However, there are problems with ALL of the components used to compare applicants. Doing well on the MCAT/CASPer, interviewing well, and obtaining ECs all correlate with SES. So, we shouldn't "abolish grades." Rather, we should continue to build upon the Canadian system as it exists, where different components are valued at different levels by different schools. Poor GPA because of circumstances outside your control? Queen's uses it as a cut-off. Can't afford MCAT prep materials and do poorly? uOttawa has got your back. Can't take time to pursue diverse ECs since you have to take care of a sibling? McMaster has its no-ECs formula. While the system is not perfect (and does not deal with the influence of SES very well), it offers applicants with weak sections of their application a chance to pursue medicine despite the obstacles they have faced.
  4. I understand the reasoning, but I think this has unintended consequences. For one, it discriminates against all other underrepresented racial minorities. Who is to say that those groups (Filipinos, Pakistanis, etc) do not face similar systemic barriers when compared to the Black and Indigenous populations? Further, some individuals will view the people accepted into the program as the "QuARMS kids," who only got to where they are today because of their race/identity. While that view is obviously distorted, it will be a prevalent one, and it could further exacerbate the "imposter syndrome" faced by the select few who are accepted.
  5. I did. I felt that I jumped the gun a bit but wanted to lock down a nice place before any waitlist movement happened!
  6. The last section of the immunization forms asks for an up-to-date seasonal influenza vaccination record for this academic year. I did not get the flu shot last year so I won't have anything to put their until the new shot is available in late summer. Has anybody received information from the office about how we should proceed in a case like this? Thank you!
  7. Just wanted to jump in here and say that those are all "soft" deadlines due to COVID, with the exception of June 30th for transcripts. We received an e-mail on June 3rd instructing us to "submit what we can by the deadline" and that "the rest will be submitted when possible."
  8. Bumping this because I would like to know too!
  9. All of your points make total sense. This change does not make the admissions process more equitable, and it certainly punishes more people than it benefits. The reality of the situation is that there are no truly standardized metrics to measure applicants. Thus, medical schools must make do with the imperfect tools that they have. I think this change is indicative of that reality. Keep in mind, while we Canadians are cursed with low medical school acceptance rates, we are blessed that our medical schools do not use the same methods to assess applicants. This is true even if we focus on Ontario schools only. Lower GPA? Queen's and Western use forgiving cutoffs. MCAT not your thing? Look at uOttawa and NOSM. Can't access ECs? Aim at McMaster. Can't type for CASPer? UofT, Queen's, and Western gotchu. Even in Ontario alone, there is a niche for any type of applicant. I sincerely hope you all find one that works for you moving forward. Keep sweatin'!
  10. From what I can gather, probably. Apple almost always has a special event at the beginning of September where they introduce the new iPhones + 1 or 2 other devices. All of the insiders are expecting the iPad Air 4 to be announced at that event this year. If you hold out for it, you'll likely get it by the end of September.
  11. I'm in the same boat! However, I am going to be waiting until Q4 2020 to make the purchase since the Apple supply chain insiders have been saying that the slightly smaller and cheaper iPad Air is supposed to get upgraded with an edge-to-edge screen, Face ID, and Apple Pencil 2 support by then.
  12. I know of at least 3 people who are still in the group despite already accepting offers to other schools. One of my friends was actually added to the group AFTER accepting his offer to another school. Don't put too much weight into the group size.
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